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12 January 2011

Only 32% of the public believes that political rhetoric motivated the “quite liberal” Tucson crackpot


Posted by Jim Hoft

Sorry libs.
Only 32% of the public believes that political rhetoric caused the “quite liberal” Tucson crackpot to go on a shooting binge at a Safeway. Even a majority of honest democrats believe the shootings were not caused by heated political rhetoric.
The Hill reported:

Almost 60 percent of the public believes that heated political rhetoric has nothing to do with an Arizona shooting spree that gravely wounded Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D) and killed a federal judge.

Fifty-seven percent of respondents in a new CBS News poll said rhetoric is unrelated to the shooting, while 32 percent said they believe the two are connected…

… Republicans who responded to the poll do not believe the shooting was related to rhetoric at a greater rate than Democrats. Sixty-nine percent of Republicans said rhetoric was not a factor, compared to 19 percent who said it was connected.

A narrow plurality of Democrats believe there is no relationship — 49 percent to 42. Fifty-six percent of independents believe rhetoric is unrelated to the shooting, and 33 percent think it was.

It’s time for a few apologies, isn’t it?

In a related Rasmussen poll… 45% of voters are worried that Obama opponents will turn to violence, down from 53% last year.

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