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08 January 2011

Armed Woman Ends Robbing Spree


Fresno - Police say the same group of young men is behind five armed robberies in the city of Fresno in the past month.

Their crime spree ended, after one of them was shot in the process.

18-year-old Wesley Sarden was shot by the co-owner of the Play 'n' Trade, who happens to be a woman.

A first in recent Fresno history.

"I cannot recall where we had a female owner or female clerk who made entry into the business armed with a handgun," said Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer.

Police say she won't be charged because she acted in self defense.

But others involved could be held responsible.

18-year-old Oshae Boyd was arrested in connection to the deadly robbery series.

Police plan to ask the district attorney to charge him with murder since his accomplice died while they were committing a felony.

Most of the stores hit during this robbery spree are near Hoover High school, where police say the group went to school.

The first was Lollicup at First and Bullard.

The second was Wah's Kitchen at First and Barstow.

The third was Asian Deli at First and Hammond.

The fourth - Foster's Donut at Cedar and Dakota.

The last and fifth store - at Clinton and Brawley where Sarden was shot.

Each time, police say two to four men entered the store, displayed a gun, told people to get on the floor and took off with cash from the register, cell phones, and wallets.

"It makes me nervous, but knowing that they're caught, kind of relieved," said Johnny Ly, a manager at Lollicup.

He says he's not too scared working late hours in northeast Fresno.

"Yes, this is the first time, I think it shouldn't be a problem, I think it won't happen again," said Ly.

Police say they're seeing an uptick in robberies right

Now, which is not unusual this time of year, and that he has stepped up patrols around town.

"The fact of the matter is, with as many businesses as we have in the city, 110 square miles, it's very easy to commit armed robbery in the city," said Dyer.

He says every citizen and store owner has a right to carry a legal gun, and use it to defend themselves from armed robbers.

If you have any information in this case, you're asked to call Detective Manny Romero with the Fresno Police Department, at 559-621-2422.

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