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15 January 2011

Israel's Liberal Fifth Column Bankrolled by Terrorists


The Soviet Union bankrolled communist fifth columnists in the USA, why shouldn't Islamic terrorists fund useful idiots in Israel?
An independent investigation by the grassroots student group Im Tirtzu revealed that Israeli leftist groups receive money from Arab pro-terror organizations, Ma'ariv reports. The study connects the dots between 13 Israeli leftist groups — including B'Tselem and the Center for Protection of the Individual ('Hamoked') — and a Ramallah-based fund called the National Development Center (NDC), which is closely linked to a fund called the Welfare Association (WA). The WA, in turn, receives some of its money from the Al Aqsa Fund, which also gives money to the relatives of "martyrs" who carried out suicide attacks against Israelis.
The NDC gave a total of about two million dollars to 13 Israeli groups in 2008-2009 alone, the new research reveals. The largest donations were to Hamoked, which received $450,000, and B'Tselem, which got $400,000. The NDC, founded 2006, is officially funded by the governments of Switzerland, Sweden, Holland and Denmark. However, its website also says that its assets, systems and team of founders came from the WA. NDC's headquarters are based in Ramallah, and its directors are all from the Palestinian Authority. Five of the 13 board members are also representatives and members of the WA in Ramallah, which receives money from the Islamic Investment Bank, Arab countries hostile to Israel and the Al Aqsa Fund.
Israel's Foreign Minister, Avigdor Liberman stirred a huge controversy when his party, Israel Beiteinu, last week introduced a motion in the Israeli Parliament, the Knesset, to investigate the funding of a number of Israeli human rights organizations that are suspected to participate in delegitimization campaigns against IDF soldiers. According Israel Beiteinu representative Fania Kirshenbaum, one of these organizations went into schools to convince the students that joining the IDF is unethical. Other members of Knesset said this motion is a "shame on the Knesset," a way to stifle opposition, and a danger to the Israeli democracy.

Funding transparency is a danger to democracy. Sounds like someone has plenty to hide.

Note the ever-helpful role of liberal Euroweenies in helping terrorists destroy Israel. If given their way, bleeding heart do-gooders will finish what Hitler started.

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