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25 April 2011

Black culture and its consequences

by Vox Day

The New York Times ponders a seeming imponderable:
AT first glance, the numbers released by the Census Bureau last week showing a precipitous drop in Detroit’s population — 25 percent over the last decade — seem to bear a silver lining: most of those leaving the city are blacks headed to the suburbs, once the refuge of mid-century white flight.

But a closer analysis of the data suggests that the story of housing discrimination that has dominated American urban life since the early 20th century is far from over. In the Detroit metropolitan area, blacks are moving into so-called secondhand suburbs: established communities with deteriorating housing stock that are falling out of favor with younger white homebuyers. If historical trends hold, these suburbs will likely shift from white to black — and soon look much like Detroit itself, with resegregated schools, dwindling tax bases and decaying public services.
And why might that be? How do these urban dystopias continue to keep sprouting up around the country? Since we obviously know that all people are the same everywhere, what could possibly explain this bizarre tendency towards economic disintegration and social breakdown that appears to follow blacks around like an inexplicable curse?

The unusual thing about the NYT article is the way it avoids playing the usual racism card. When it mentions the way in which "the city’s whites fought what they called the “Negro invasion” with every tool at their disposal", it doesn't frame the description of the historical resistance with the usual delegitimizing codewords, probably because the historical fears of Detroit's white populace were ultimately proven to underestimate the negative consequences of the Great Migration. I doubt even the most pessimistic white racist could have imagined the decrepit state to which Detroit has declined in 60 years.

The article is somewhat amusing in how it laments the fate of the black recon elements. "Much to their chagrin, many new black suburbanites found that integration was just a phase between when the first blacks moved in and the last whites took their children out of the public schools." One would think that black people who don't want to live with black people should understand that white people don't want to live with them either.

In society after society, the same pattern is repeated. Majority populations will tolerate a minority population up to a certain point, which is somewhere between two and ten percent of the population. More than that and the minority population will begin to demand societal modifications to suit itself by virtue of its size, at which point the majority population will quite reasonably begin to react in a distinctly hostile manner. If there is room to retreat, the majority population will retreat. If there is not, there will either be violence or the eventual disappearance of the erstwhile majority population.

But keep in mind that the trends ebb and flow. In the nineteenth century, it was thought that the black race was on a demographic decline to extinction. In the twenty-first, it is sometimes assumed that the white race is. Neither is likely true, and now that the Hispanic population exceeds the black population in the United States, the monochromatic lens through which most race relations are viewed is increasingly irrelevant.

The dream isn't deferred, it is simply impossible because it is nothing more than a delusion that one racial populations will behave in exactly the same manner as another one. Since this has never happened yet in the recorded history of the human race, it seems more than a little quixotic to believe that because individuals have surmounted their racial, ethnic, and cultural differences, entire populations not only can, but will.

Someone doesn't like the truth

I had to put my reply in here because the owner of the original blog doesn't like the facts about the close relationship between the homossexual behaviour and pedophilia. People have been brainwashed so well that the mear mention that there is something wrong about that behaviour makes them shake in their boots.


Max the Cat, I guess you banned me, but here goes:
Why wouldn’t I? You’re just the sort of person I was speaking to. Ignorant of the facts.
The fact clearly show the disproportional presence of homossexuals among child offenders, both inside churches and outside churches. Cardinal Bartone says that inside the churches, homossexuals are about 80% of child offenders.

Homossexuals are about 2%/5% of the society but responsible for close to 30% of child abuse. Why do you think that happens? These are facts, mate.
I don't have an irrational fear of homossexuals.
So full of hate for gay people that you’re clinging to an old wives tale that has been debunked by scientists long ago.
No, it hasn't. The best data shows that homossexuals are disproportionally represented in child abuse cases. It doesn't mean that all homossexuals are child abusers.

You won't accept the data bkz its goes against what you have been told to believe, but you can't ignore science when it clashes with your worldview.
Are there pedophiles who happen to be Gay – sure there are, but statistically it’s more likely that he or she will be straight.
Proportionaly, it's more likely that the sex offender will be homossexual. Statistically it will be heterossexual bkz heterossexuals are more in the society. Duh.
All that hate must really fuck your life up Mats. I’d do something about it if I were you.
You are the one who has hate. Hate for the truth and for facts. Your knee-jerk reaction at the simple sugestion that there is something with the homossexual lifestyle that condones pedophily shows that you are filled with hatred.

People who have hatred in their hearts see hatred everywhere. The mear discussion of facts that contradict their philosophy is qualified as "hatred" and dismissed right away.

By the way: do you know any non-homossexual group that tries to normalize sex with children? All the groups I have seen trying to normalize pedophilia (both in Holland, or England or in the USA) are groups which identify themselves as "homossexual groups".

Why do you think that happens?

22 April 2011

It's not hate when leftists do it

Gospel according to Twitter

21 April 2011

The wisdom of female dominance

Lately I have been reading with great interest the words of a few bloggers (see here and here) determined to reveal to the masses the singular way the female mind operates. Now, some people may say "Why do I need dating tips? I am married and I don't plan in going hunting soon". Well, as weird as it may be, married guys may need game tactics more then single ones.

Let me ilustrate with a real life story:

A friend of mine got divorced in the last 2/3 years, and now he is stuck in giving to her money every month. Due to the recession, sometimes the money doesn't come right when he needs, and so he may not have the money right when his ex-wife demands.

He, being totally dominated by his ex-wife, told her how things were not going well and so she would have to relax and be more patient. She did that alright.

She started to call his boss and put preassure on him to pay her former husband. The boss put up with it for a while, but eventually his patience ran out.

Now he is fired.

People may say that this has nothing to do with game, but this was made clear with the comments of another friend. He essencially said this:

Nothing wrong in sharing things with your wife. But if she starts to jump over you and starts to use that knowledge in ways you don't want, you have to be able to control her.
The moment this last pal said that, I realized that the fact that my first friend was unable to control his wife could have led him to loose a wife and loose a job. Yes, because if she could control him AFTER they broke up, who are we to say she didn't while they were married? She had the upper hand on him.

So, my conclusion is: the importance of male dominance and the ability to control his wife goes beyond the mear getting inside her secret place; it may be the issue that ruins your married life, your job and God knows what else.

What say ye?

09 April 2011

Christian Nursing Student Magdalene Ashraf Raped by Muslim Doctor, Denied Justice in Pakistan

KARACHI, PAKISTAN -- A huge controversy has broken out in Pakistan over the case of Magdalene Ashraf, a 23-year-old third-year Christian student nurse at the Jinnah Post Graduate Medical Centre in Karachi, who was allegedly raped by a doctor on July 15, 2010.

Magdalene is the daughter of Ashraf Masih, a poor Christian, who is said to have "dreamed of a good future" for his daughter after her graduation, but then all came crashing down after the alleged rape.

Instead of a rape charge, a case of simple assault was made by the police against Dr. Abdul Jabbar Memon, which falls under section 324 of the country's Penal Code.

ANS has discovered from an informant who asked not to be named for security reasons, that a "renowned Pakistani hospital" run by the state, had allegedly declared, in its medical examination report, that a semen specimen sent to them was "not that" of the alleged rapist of the virgin Christian trainee nurse, thus depriving her of "justice in this case."

The informant then alleged, that staff there conspired together and allegedly declared that the specimen sent to them was not that of the main accused doctor, nor of any of his "accomplices" whom it was claimed had raped the Christian nurse and thus deprived this "hapless and impoverished Christian trainee nurse of justice."

According to our informant, the Christian trainee nurse was allegedly seduced and taken to the doctors' mess led by a Muslim nurse and then subjected to "immense physical, mental and sexual assault" by the doctor and two other Muslim men.

According to reports obtained later that night, she was found lying on ground "nearly dead" and "drenched in blood" and taken to the hospital for treatment for her "critical condition."

Our source said that the police were reluctant to register a case against this influential Muslim physician but, later on, under media pressure, registered a case, but "refrained from inserting the rape section of Pakistani Penal Code." (Read more.)

On sex issues in elementary school: "Goal is to reach kids before they absorb their parents values," says school administrator!


"The goal is to reach kids before they absorb their parents' values. By middle school it's too late."
-- Elementary school administrator in Massachusetts

We've been saying it for a while: The sexuality agenda is now in the elementary schools, and it's worse than you can imagine.

Although the Boston Herald generally supports the Planned Parenthood / sex-ed / gay agenda in the schools, they occasionally allow an opposing op-ed. This one was published this past Thursday.

Here's a glimpse of what most parents don't have a clue is happening:

Sex ed wrong rite of spring
By Jennifer C. Braceras
Boston Herald, Thursday, March 24, 2011

Pay attention parents! It's spring. And before you know it, Massachusetts public schools will begin their yearly sex-ed lessons for kids as young as 5.

Of course, they won't call it "sex ed." They'll call it "health." But a rose by any other name is still a rose.

Several years ago, my first-born came home from kindergarten with a notice about an upcoming anatomy lesson and a list of words that included not only penis and vagina, but also scrotum and vulva! She presented me with the list and a parental consent form, which I was tempted not to sign.

Friends with older children assured me, however, that the lessons would go right over the kids' heads and that it would be more damaging to my daughter to pull her out of the lesson. OK, I thought, maybe I am overreacting. So I let it go.

My daughter never mentioned a thing about the lesson or ever used the words she had learned.

Phew, I thought. Bullet dodged.

Then came daughter No. 2. Not only did she come home and repeat the words over and over again, she used them in the most inappropriate places - like at Logan Airport, when on our way to Colonial Williamsburg she shouted, "Look, Mom! I think I see the plane to VAGINA!"

But that was only the beginning.

One spring, when my oldest was in third grade, she came home with a notice that the class would soon study HIV. The educational relevance was lost on me. What, I wondered, is the purpose of teaching 8-year-olds, many of whom still believe in Santa Claus, about a deadly, sexually transmitted disease?

When I inquired, school administrators politely informed me that the HIV lessons contained no references to sex. I was relieved, yet confused.

"Since HIV is primarily sexually transmitted," I asked, "how can you possibly teach the subject and ignore the elephant in the room?"

The teacher explained: "Children need to know that this is out there, and that you can get it from other people's blood. We teach them to be careful around blood and to have compassion for people with HIV. We focus on HIV as a status."

A status? As in race or gender? It seemed a stretch.

Clearly, this lesson was bound to raise more questions than it would answer and had the potential to confuse, even scare. (Would kids now become terrified over a classmate's paper cut or bloody nose?)

So, rather than expose my child to some half-truth in the name of political correctness, or a sex-ed lesson she was not yet ready to learn, I pulled her out.

Throughout the HIV unit, the teacher sent my daughter to the library to read her book. True to form, she never asked why. Another bullet dodged.

But, as you might have guessed, child No. 2 was not so easily distracted.

"Mom, everyone says we are learning about HIV tomorrow. What's HIV, and how come you don't want me to hear about it?" Thanks, public schools, for opening up that can of worms!

I can only hope that by the time my last two kids reach the third grade our town will have dispensed with this nonsense. But that is unlikely.

Indeed, when specifically asked why the school presents lessons on HIV in the third grade, rather than in middle school, one school administrator made this shocking admission:

"The goal is to reach kids before they absorb their parents' values. By middle school it's too late."
Article on Herald web site

It's actually gotten worse than this in Massachusetts. The transgender agenda has reached some Massachusetts elementary schools. And the David Parker case was about homosexuality being taught to kids in kindergarten in Lexington, Mass.

The radicals running the public schools see your kids as their social experiments. Watch out.

Luckily, the David Parker Parents Rights bill which filed this year in Massachusetts will protect parents. More coming up on how you can help get that passed.)

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