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30 November 2011

Nigel Farage: EU bribing independent Croatia to rejoin a 'new Yugoslavia'

The truth about the girl with the 'poop' tattoo: How photos of man's 'inked revenge on cheating lover' fooled the net

It seemed the perfect act of revenge - a jilted lover cruelly tattooed a picture of flies over excrement on his ex-girlfriend's back and the photo swept the internet.

But MailOnline can reveal all is not quite as it seems with the story of 'Rossie Brovent's poo tattoo'.

The resident of Dayton, Ohio, was reportedly suing her ex-boyfriend and tattoo artist Ryan Fitzjerald for $100,000 over the drawing which she eventually found out was of flies over a pile of excrement.

Tall story? This photograph of a woman with a pile of excrement tattooed on her back was claimed to be Rossie Brovent of Ohio - but it is sourced from a Polish website

Tall story? This photograph of a woman with a pile of excrement tattooed on her back was claimed to be Rossie Brovent of Ohio - but it is sourced from a Polish website

He was said to be angry at her for cheating on him with a friend and plied her with alcohol before she signed a consent form agreeing a design ‘at the artist's discretion’. She wanted an image of Narnia.

But the story itself - originally reported on the VeryWeirdNews website and later followed up by British newspaper The Sun, U.S. website Metro and others across the world - has been thrown into doubt.

The picture of the ‘tattoo’ appeared on the Ugliest Tattoos blog, part of the Fail Blog group of websites, as far back as December 2009, MailOnline can reveal.

It was sourced from Polish social network website Nasza-klasa, which translates as ‘our class’, and the caption on the photo lists the month in Polish as January, without a year, and the name of ‘Ania’.

A court official at Dayton Municipal Court, where the lawsuit would most likely have been filed, told MailOnline they had no record of either Ms Brovent or Mr Fitzjerald in their records system.

Is it real? The story itself - which was originally reported on VeryWeirdNews and later followed up by newspapers and website across the world - has been thrown into doubt

Is it real? The story itself - which was originally reported on VeryWeirdNews and later followed up by newspapers and website across the world - has been thrown into doubt

A search of that court's database and of those of the surrounding civil courts by MailOnline also threw up no matches for either the defendant or plaintiff.

In addition the Smoking Gun website reported that a spokesman for Montgomery County Common Pleas Court, which covers the Dayton area, said he did not know about the reported lawsuit.

'I was passed out for most of the time, and woke up to this horrible image on my back'

What Rossie Brovent is quoted as saying

In the VeryWeirdNews article from November 21, Ms Brovent is quoted. But no contact address, email or phone number is listed for the website.

‘He tricked me by drinking a bottle of cheap wine with me and doing tequila shots before I signed it and got the tattoo,' she is quoted as saying.

‘Actually I was passed out for most of the time, and woke up to this horrible image on my back.’

The photo has gone viral since it was picked up by the mainstream media, but it now appears the image has been floating around blogs for years and there is no civil lawsuit as has been reported.

29 November 2011

Worse than Carter

28 November 2011

Military puppy love

Ezra Levant exposes Greenpeace for what it is.

26 November 2011

No media bias at all. None whatsoever

Daily Mail

Gay rights campaigners in Poland yesterday condemned a court ruling allowing a far-right group to formally register a 'no gay sex' symbol as its official logo.

A judge allowed the small National Rebirth of Poland (NOP) party to register the homophobic symbol in a little noticed decision at the end of October.

The symbol - a stylised representation of gay sex with a red line crossing it - has provoked horror among gay rights campaigners in the country.

Homophobic: Polish far-right activists wave placards denouncing homosexuality during a protest in 2009. Polish gay rights campaigners have slammed a court ruling allowing a group to formally register a homophobic symbol its logo

Homophobic: Polish far-right activists wave placards denouncing homosexuality during a protest in 2009. Polish gay rights campaigners have slammed a court ruling allowing a group to formally register a homophobic symbol its logo

'Such symbols tap directly into fascist, neo-fascist and xenophobic traditions, and intolerance,' said Robert Biedron, Poland's first openly gay MP, told reporters, according to AFP.

Mr Biedron, who is one of Poland's most prominent gay rights campaigners and newly elected as part of the country's left-wing opposition, urged the justice ministry to step in.

The gay community in Poland has in the past told of living amid a 'climate of fear'.

Opinion polls in the country - where over 90 per cent of the population is Roman Catholic - show two out of three Poles opppose gay rights demonstrations.

Fascist: The NOP also won the right to use the Celtic Cross - an internationally recognised symbol of neofascism

Fascist: The NOP also won the right to use the Celtic Cross - an internationally recognised symbol of neofascism

The NOP, which turns out regularly to oppose gay rights rallies, has been back in the spotlight after clashing with police during Poland's Independence Day celebrations on November 11.

The group hailed the court ruling, which also allowed it to adopt the Celtic cross - an international symbol of the far-right and neofascism.

It said on its website the decision had capped a two-year legal fight.

But Grzegorz Schetyna, a senior politician with Civic Platform, Poland's ruling cerntrist group, accused the judge who took the decision of failing in his duties.

AFP reported Mr Schetyna telling Polish station Radio Zet that 'such symbols are unacceptable.'

The imitation of Man


Susan Walsh highlights a fundamental feminist deceit to which far too many women subscribe:
As you can see, there is considerable confusion about the concept of the feminine among contemporary young women, as well as decidedly different political philosophies....

I’m not qualified to give advice on how to be feminine. I’m guilty of having nurtured the feisty tomboy persona myself. That’s why I’m all ears when men describe what femininity is and why they value it. It’s clear they know it when they see it. In closing, I’ll share with you reader detinennui32′s first of 10 Commandments for Women:

1. Thou shalt cultivate a feminine demeanor and bearing. Thou shalt not try to be, look like, or act like a man. Thou shalt observe and obey this Commandment above all others.
First and foremost, it is important to understand that the vast majority of men are not attracted to men or male qualities. Around two percent of the male population is and those men are called "homosexuals". Logic therefore dictates that cultivating an attitude and behaving in a manner that appeals to a very small minority of men who are not sexually interested in women will be counterproductive for the woman who wishes men to find her attractive.

One of the core components of feminism has been to provide social incentive for women to imitate male behavior. This is reflected in the increasingly androgynous female attire over the last fifty years as well as the increasingly masculine appearance of women who are held up as paragons of female achievement in the media. (Also, so few women genuinely look good in jeans that it's really best to avoid them altogether.) Consider Madonna, who is one of the leading examples of female accomplishment, and yet was likened to "a piece of gristle" by her ex-husband, Guy Ritchie.

Now, since what is feminine is by definition the opposite of what is masculine, one can readily determine feminine traits by considering masculine ones. Confidence, courage, independence, ambition, strength, decisiveness, straightforwardness, simplicity, and self-reliance are all core masculine traits.

Therefore, it is incumbent upon the woman who wishes to be perceived as feminine to avoid exhibiting these traits. This doesn't mean that a woman needs to be cowardly or weak, only that she should avoid projecting her manly fearlessness even in the unlikely case that it is genuine and not the customary false female bravada that crumbles the moment it is challenged. Of course, since even the most masculine woman is less masculine than the average man, the attempt to imitate these masculine traits tends to ring false, hence the inherent humor in young women who march about asserting how strong and independent they are as they visit their therapists on Daddy's dime.

Get the feminine attitude right and the superficial aspects will eventually follow. Men are attracted to women who smile, who bat their eyelashes, who blush, who are supportive rather than challenging, who trouble to make themselves pretty, and above all, who appeal to their sense of play rather than their sense of work.

And finally, since it's been reported that about a third of tomboys grow up to be lesbians, it should be apparent that imitating male behavioral patterns is likely to send unintended messages to men and women alike.

Yes. It is the left, which is totalitarian, fascist, and anti-freedom.

How feminism-indoctrinated women honor the troops


@ Roosh and everyone

I’m a bit late to the commentary, but here goes. Please feel free to reprint and comment on this. American Women on average are horrible people. Not all of them, and certainly there are horrible outliers as well as wonderful outliers. There are good and bad men too.

However, men are much more likely to pay for thier own sins and shortcomings as well as women’s sins and shortcomings. Women on average don’t pay for thir shortcomings and sins as much as men and often men pay for them whether they want to or not.

I’m a 43 year old White Gentile man raise Christian & Catholic, and am an U.S. Army Veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan. I have real horror stories about American women as a result. Hold on to your seats and try not to cry as you read this long but necessarry post by me. these women were extreme outliers in a bad way, but they illustrate what is wrong with American Women and Western women and civilized East Asian Women too to one degree or way or another.

I had to console a friend of mine from another battalion because his friend committed suicide. He wanted to kill his dead friend’s wife and sobbed all night in Iraq. I warned him not to kill her on his return as he would be among the first for the police to look for even though his friend’s wife deserved it in my opinion.

His friend was on his third deployment to Iraq, and we were on our first. His friend made a Dear John telephone call to ask why she was taking (stealing) his money only to find out that she wanted to leave him and was impregnated by a neighbor civilian “friend”(disgusting as that sounds to say-with friends like that who needs enemies). He sobbed why.

She told him to kill himself so she could recieve $800,000 dollars in military life insurance. He walked into a portapotty, put an M-16 rifle to his head, and committed suicide. Members of his battalion were devastated as he was very popular and well loved. I knew him barely as an acquaintaince, but was a friend of a friend.

Then there were the threats of suicide including someone in my battalion who walked up to the battalion commander, a lieutenant colonel, pulled out his M-9 handgun unless he was allowed to go home because although he was without children and his wife was not impregnated by someone else, the same otherwise was happening to him. Many in the brigade threaten suicide.

My fellow battalion soldier went home and was chaptered out for mental illness during his second deployment.

Then in Afghanistan, a Sergeant and Non Commimision Officer in charge of one of my friends made plans to go home on Rest and Recuperation Leave(vacation or holiday) to visit his divorced wife’s home and his only child and beloved daughter for her 3rd birthday. His wife had hooked up with Mr.Thug Life while taking the Sergeant’s money for child support.

Mr. Thug Life was known to be physically and emotionally abusive to the daughter. The Sergeant returned a week before the girl’s 3rd birthday on emergency leave because Mr. Thug Life killed the daughter.

The Sergeant’s Company Commander, a Captain, and Non Commisioned Officer in charge of his company, a First Sergeant, told the Sergeeant he could stay home if he wanted to. the sergeant returned and his Company Commander and First Sergeant were bewildered and upset with him.

His response was that there was nothing for him at home except his only beloved child and daughter who hadn’t even made it to her third birthday lying dead six feet in the ground.

He would rather deal with war and be around his comarades. He stayed the rest of the deployment until it was time to go home. He was a happy man until his daughter’s death through and through.

Afterwards, even though he smiled and laughed you could still see the never ending extreme sadness and horror in him. His soldiers including my friend regarded him as a ticking time bomb for mental break down even though he never unecessarily lashed out.

Then of course there was the soldier in my company who had a baby with his wife and she sent him streaming videos via internet of her having sex with other men while his baby son was in the house while I was in Iraq, and this man was 6 feet 5 inches and 250 pounds.

Then while I was in Afghanistan, there was a soldier whom returned home on leave to find the boyfriend, lover and sex partner of his wife in a house he was renting. There are other such stories which are not as horrible too.

The Army and Marine Corps. is a mess because of misandry and it is eating them alive. the Divorce rates are 75% and 70% respectively. The sucide rates are at all time highs and rising in the Army and Marine Corps. Over 70% of the sucides are because a man’s wife or girlfriend is leaving him while deployed to a war zone.

She is almost always taking the kids if there are any and quite often (most of the time) depleting (legally stealing) his bank accounts too. She often enough cheating on him.

This is your American woman. Western and Civilized East Asian women are either just as bad or not too far behind. Afghan Muslim Taliban laws are too good for some, but not all of them. Marriage 1.0 needs to be restored with improvements if our civilization is to be saved, and this may not be enough.

Taliban marriage laws are remarkably similar to Ancient Jewish laws and I call them Marriage 0.5. christianity adopted them and made them into Marriage 1.0. Even under Taliban or Jewish law a man is not allowed to kill his wife without sufficient reason and the government is usually the one to do it if they do it at all.

Marriage 0.0 is the Ancient Roman Republic. Enforced monagamy with a man only being able to have one wife and everyone ignoring a husbands whoring or adultry was accepted in practice but frowned upon. Wives commiting adultry was totally unacceptable.

There was also the matter of Pater Potentas, Father’s Power. A Husband and father had a right to kill his wife, children, slaves and freed slaves without reason. The government could not stop him. He could even do this in theory to an adult son with a family of his own and was elected to the Highest government office of Consul at least in theory. He could also kill his grandchildren or great grandchildren alonf with their wives, slaves and freed slaves.

There was a reason why Rome Conquered the Jewsd and not the other way around and although enforced monagamy and Pater Potentas weren’t the only reasons, they were crucial. By the Empire the Romans moved to Marriage 0.5 and their empire fell.

I would rather gor back to Marriage 1.0 with updates than Marriage 0.0 as I would hate to be a woman in those circimstances and as emotionally, morally appalled by it as a Christian Roman Catholic, but some American women are really asking for it.

Former Soviet Union Citizen Schools O.W.S. Socialist

The moral decline of the USA OR 22 Signs That the Thin Veneer of Civilization is Starting To Disappear

In order for a society to function, there has to be a certain level of trust. Each day when we leave our homes, we take for granted that most people are not going to attack us for no reason, that there will only be isolated incidents of theft in our community and that rioting and violence are not going to erupt in the streets. Whether we realize it or not, we depend on the fact that the vast majority of the people around us are going to act in a civilized manner.

Unfortunately, the thin veneer of civilization that we all take for granted is starting to disappear. When I was growing up, I was taught that challenging times reveal our true character. There are many that believe that the declining economy is causing a lot of the chaos that we are now witnessing, but perhaps what is going on is that these challenging economic times are simply revealing the character that has been there all along. For decades, a "false prosperity" that was fueled by unprecedented amounts of debt has masked a lot of the internal rot that has taken hold in America. But now that our prosperity is crumbling, our lack of values is becoming startlingly clear.

Greed, corruption and extreme self-centeredness have deeply infected our society. We see this on Wall Street and in Congress, and we see this among those that are trying to survive on the mean streets of our largest cities.

Our nation is breaking down on every level. If by some miracle we were able to fix our economy, that would mask our problems for a while, but it would not solve them.

Unfortunately, as I write about nearly every day, there are a whole host of indications that our economy is about to get even worse. When it does, millions of Americans will become even more desperate, and as we are now seeing all over this country, desperate people do desperate things.

The following are 22 signs that the thin veneer of civilization that we all take for granted is starting to disappear....

#1 In Detroit, 100 bus drivers recently refused to drive their routes out of fear for their own personal safety. An article posted on the website of the CBS affiliate in Detroit is quoting the head of the bus drivers union, Henry Gaffney, as saying that the drivers are "scared for their lives"....

“Our drivers are scared, they’re scared for their lives. This has been an ongoing situation about security. I think yesterday kind of just topped it off, when one of my drivers was beat up by some teenagers down in the middle of Rosa Parks and it took the police almost 30 minutes to get there, in downtown Detroit,” said Gaffney.

#2 In Wilmington, Delaware recently, a man offered to help someone carry a television down the street, but quickly realized that it was his own television which had just been stolen out of his house....

A Wilmington resident who stopped home for lunch about noon today saw a man carrying a flat screen TV down the street and asked the man if he needed help.

He then recognized the television as his own, looked up and saw the door to his home ajar, said Master Sgt. Adam Ringle.

#3 Shocking video has surfaced of a young thug walking up to a defenseless elderly man in a Chicago subway station and knocking him out cold. In the video, the friends of the young man are cheering him on and laughing at how easy it was to knock the old man out cold.

#4 Beating up old people for no reason seems to be catching on all over the country. Just check out the following report from a recent article posted on philly.com....

AN 84-YEAR-OLD ex-university official savagely attacked by four young punks during a walk in Wissahickon Valley Park earlier this week theorizes that the beating he endured was a cruel game of "get the old geezer."

Jim Shea, a former vice president of university relations for Temple, from 1968 to 1983, walks up to five miles on Forbidden Drive, in Fairmount Park, three times a week, but that type of stamina wasn't enough to stave off the lowlifes who not only beat him bloody, but dealt a blow to one of the things he holds most dear - his pride.

#5 All over the United States, police are wailing on Occupy Wall Street protesters with clubs and liberally using pepper spray on them. Whatever you may think of the Occupy Wall Street protests, the reality is that this is not a sign that things are becoming "more stable" in America. You can see video of one very disturbing confrontation right here.

#6 Clashes between police and protesters in Oakland, California recently became so violent that at one point the streets of Oakland resembled a war zone.

#7 Unfortunately, as the American people become increasingly frustrated with out system many of them are actually starting to consider violence as a solution. According to one recent survey, 31 percent of all Occupy Wall Street protesters "would support violence to advance their agenda".

#8 In New York recently, a confrontation between two female customers and a frustrated cashier ended with the cashier beating the living daylights out of them with a metal rod. The following is how a local CBS affiliate in New York described this incident....

It appeared to have started when two female customers argued and yelled obscenities at the cashier when he questioned a $50 bill they gave him.

One of the female customers then slapped the cashier. A woman is then seen jumping over the counter while the other woman goes behind the register.

That’s when the cashier can be seen on the video disappearing into the back of the fast-food restaurant. He comes back with a metal rod and begins hitting the women.

You can see video of this violent confrontation right here.

#9 These days, many Americans are so "on edge" that just about anything will make them snap. For example, a 60-year-old woman in New Mexico recentlyrepeatedly stabbed her boyfriend because she thought that he was cheating during a game of Monopoly.

#10 If you thought that the above example was crazy, just check out what one man down in Georgia did recently. He actually firebombed a Taco Bell because they did not put enough meat in his Chalupa.

#11 In Cleveland last week, a 49-year-old man was sent to the hospital after a poll monitor working for the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections tried to bite his nose off.

#12 Not only do TSA agents make us feel like dehumanized cattle as we go through airport security, some of them are evening making fun of us at the same time. For example, one TSA agent recently scribbled “GET YOUR FREAK ON GIRL” on a TSA inspection notice after discovering a sex toy in the luggage of one female traveler.

#13 Identity theft is rising to very alarming levels all over the United States. For example, a recent article in the Palm Beach Post described what has been going on down in Florida this year....

In the first half of this year, the Federal Trade Commission received more than 20,000 complaints from Floridians whose identities had been stolen -- nearly as many as in all of 2010. More than half of those reporting their Social Security numbers or other personal information had been ripped off and used to commit fraud or theft were in South Florida, with heavy concentrations in parts of Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood and Hallandale Beach.

"That kind of increase is really shocking,'' said Vance Luce, deputy special agent in charge of the U.S. Secret Service in South Florida, which investigates identity theft and financial crimes. "The fact that it's on the upturn doesn't surprise me at all, but that's pretty alarming.''

#14 In the Seattle area, an elderly couple in their eighties was recently brutally attacked by a 31-year-old man armed with a crossbow and a hatchet. The following description of this brutal crime comes from King 5 News....

Prosecutors say 31-year-old John Chase was walking down the highway when he saw Ralph Aldrich, 88, in his back yard. Detectives say Chase shot and killed Aldrich with a crossbow and then went inside the home and repeatedly hit 83-year-old June Aldrich with a hatchet.

#15 As America falls apart, more of us than ever are taking medication for depression. At this point, more than 1 out of every 10 Americans over the age of 12 is taking prescription antidepressants.

#16 In some areas of the country, people have been literally tearing apart their own cities in an attempt to find things to sell. I recently discussed this phenomenon on The American Dream Blog....

In Fresno, California the damage caused by thieves stealing copper wire from city street lights is costing the city about $50,000 a month. So far, about 2,500 street lights have been stripped of their wiring.

#17 As people become more desperate, we are starting to see some truly bizarre crimes in many parts of the nation. In northern Alabama, one team of crooks has been using a forklift to pull entire ATM machines out of the ground.

#18 Most Americans don't realize this, but all over the U.S. livestock is being stolen from ranchers in unprecedented numbers. The following is from a recent Associated Press article....

While the brazenness may be unusual, the theft isn't. High beef prices have made cattle attractive as a quick score for people struggling in the sluggish economy, and other livestock are being taken too. Six thousand lambs were stolen from a feedlot in Texas, and nearly 1,000 hogs have been stolen in recent weeks from farms in Iowa and Minnesota. The thefts add up to millions of dollars in losses for U.S. ranches.

Authorities say today's thieves are sophisticated compared to the horseback bandits of the rugged Old West. They pull up livestock trailers in the middle of the night and know how to coax the animals inside. Investigators suspect it's then a quick trip across state lines to sell the animals at auction barns.

#19 At this point, thieves are becoming so bold that they will steal literally anything that they are able to cart away. For example, in the San Francisco area a while back thieves actually stole a copper bell that weighs 2.7 tons.

#20 According to the FBI, the number of gang members in the United States has increased by a staggering 40 percent since 2009. Right now, there are 1.4 million gang members terrorizing citizens on the streets of America.

#21 Down in Miami, thieves have become so bold that they have actually beenbreaking into parked police cruisers and stealing guns and ammo out of them. Many of those guns undoubtedly are ending up in the hands of gangs members.

#22 Be careful who you befriend online. They might just hold you captive and use you as part of a Satanic sex ritual. The following description of an incident that recently happened in Milwaukee comes from thesmokinggun.com....

Two young Milwaukee women were arrested this week after an 18-year-old Arizona man--who traveled to Wisconsin by bus after meeting one of the suspects online--told cops that he was held captive in the duo’s apartment for two days and slashed and stabbed more than 300 times as part of an apparent satanic sex ritual.

Anger and frustration are growing to unprecedented levels in this country, and all of this anger and frustration is manifesting in thousands of different ways.

As I have written about previously, the rioting, the crime and the violence that we are seeing now is only just the beginning of what is coming.

Unless a miracle happens, our country is going to keep heading down the road toward societal collapse.

It won't happen all at once, but unless our nation changes direction dramatically, we will see things get progressively worse and worse.

Instead of teaching our children to love and care for one another, we have taught them to be incredibly self-involved. Today, way too many Americans deeply love themselves, deeply love money and are deeply addicted to entertainment. Each new generation seems to be even more prideful, even more arrogant and even more violent. As a nation, we are losing our empathy for others, our compassion for the needy and our respect for the elderly. Our family units are breaking down and thousands of our communities are being transformed into hellholes.

What in the world is happening to America?

*Post courtesy of The Economic Collapse Blog.

25 November 2011

Loyal pet will not leave grave

The yellow dog belonged to Lao Pan, a single man, who died earlier this month, aged 68.

After his room, in Panjiatun village near Qingdao city, Shandong Province, was cleared his dog disappeared.

But later villagers found the dog by the grave of his owner. For seven days the dog stayed there, refusing to leave.

Seeing that the dog was going without food, the villagers tried to take him back to the village and gave him some buns.

The dog took the buns and returned to the graveyard.

Now the villagers are sending food and water to the dog regularly and plan to put up a kennel for him near his owner's grave.

The story is reminiscent of Edinburgh's Greyfriars Bobby, a Skye terrier who history recalls spent 14 years at his master's grave in the 19th century.

He is now immortalised with a bronze statue in the city and has his own website, www.greyfriarsbobby.co.uk.

Bobby belonged to John Gray, who worked for Edinburgh City Police. He was two when Gray died of tuberculosis in 1858 and was buried in Greyfriars Kirkyard.

The dog apparently spent the rest of his life sitting on his master's grave, cared for by wellwishers.

Several books and films have been based on his story.


Dangerous Terrorist

24 November 2011

Mother killed friend's kitten in microwave in revenge for boyfriend being reported to police

A woman killed her neighbour’s ten-week-old kitten by cooking it in a microwave.

Gina Robins, 31, put the pet inside the oven after a row with its owner Sarah Knutton, and then sent her a text which read: ‘The cat? Karma.’

A court heard yesterday that the pair had argued several days before, but Miss Knutton agreed to let Robins use her microwave to heat up a jar of baby food.

Gina Robins has been found guilty after she cooked a friends kitten in a microwave

Gina Robins has been found guilty after she cooked a friends kitten in a microwave

She told magistrates she heard a loud ‘popping’ sound and then a ‘horrendous screeching noise’ come from her kitchen before finding the horrific consequences.

Robins claimed the kitten must have jumped up on to the worktop while fighting with other cats and managed to shut itself in the microwave. But the court dismissed her explanation as ‘far-fetched’.

Miss Knutton told magistrates: ‘She [Robins] was in the kitchen for a couple of minutes and came into the lounge with the bowl of baby food.

‘She was jumpy, really different from when she went to the kitchen. She was fidgety, something was wrong. Then I heard the noise. It was loud like a bag of crisps popping in your hands, then this horrendous screech, a horrific loud screech.’

Similar: Two cats owned by Sarah Knutton, including Dave, right, who was the brother of the animal killed in the microwave

Similar: Two cats owned by Sarah Knutton, including Dave, right, who was the brother of the animal killed in the microwave

Miss Knutton, 35, continued: ‘I said what the **** was that? Gina said she did not hear anything.’

She said Robins went back into the kitchen and then returned with her hands over her face saying: ‘Oh my God, oh my God, I am so sorry, go and have a look yourself.’

Torbay magistrates heard Miss Knutton, a mother of two, was sick when she saw her dead black and white kitten.

Shocked: Sarah Knutton found the dead cat after hearing a screeching noise coming from her kitchen after Miss Robins had been in the room

Shocked: Sarah Knutton found the dead cat after hearing a screeching noise coming from her kitchen after Miss Robins had been in the room

She said: ‘I was in a state of shock. Gina stared at me. She didn’t say anything. She just stared at me.’

The next day Robins sent Miss Knutton a text which read: ‘Remember the saying “what goes around comes around?” It has started already to bite you in the ****. The cat? Karma.’

Robins denied it was a ‘revenge’ attack after falling out with Miss Knutton, who had called the police about Robins’ boyfriend’s behaviour a few days earlier when he had been shouting outside the house.

She told police: ‘I had nothing to do with putting the kitten in the microwave.’ But prosecutor Iain O’Donnell, for the RSPCA, said it was ‘implausible’ the kitten had crawled into the oven and another cat had knocked the door shut, activating the appliance.

Robins, of Torquay, was found guilty of causing unnecessary suffering and faces jail when she is sentenced next month.

Vet Robert Cameron said the kitten would have suffered. He said its claws were clenched in fear.

Speaking after the verdict, Miss Knutton said the incident had been ‘one of the most horrendous experiences of my life’. She added: ‘What sort of a person does something so cold and calculating? I believe in karma too and hopefully the magistrates will throw the book at her next month.’




From Ace of Spades.


22 November 2011

"Missing Our Deals Will Haunt You"

Tatiana Limanova gives Obama the middle finger

21 November 2011

How's That Workin' Out For You? | Barack Obama (ft. Ronald Reagan)

Barack Obama 1991 TBS Black History Minute

Boys Swimming on Girls Teams Find Success, Then Draw Jeers

During his first-period broadcast Monday, the Norwood High athletic director Brian McDonough congratulated Will Higgins for breaking the meet record in the 50-yard freestyle the previous day at the Massachusetts South Division fall swimming and diving championships.

McDonough chose not to mention that it was a girls swimming championship.

“I didn’t want to get into that,” he said.

Anthony Rodriguez, another boy on the Norwood girls team, heard a grace note in McDonough’s omission.

“If people hear that you set a record, they’re like, ‘Oh my gosh, that’s awesome,’ ” Rodriguez said. “But if they knew you were competing against girls, they wouldn’t have as much respect for you.”

Higgins, a senior, and Rodriguez, a sophomore, are among roughly two dozen boys competing on girls teams in Massachusetts because their schools do not have boys swimming programs. They are able to do so because of the open access amendment to the state constitution, which was voted into law in the 1970s and mandates that boys and girls must be afforded equal access to athletics.

Boys have been members of girls swim teams since the 1980s, but until recently they were mostly a sideshow. It has only been in the last year or two that boys have swum well enough to draw attention — and people’s ire. The epicenter of the debate is the 50-yard freestyle, an event in which strength can trump talent or technique.

At the Division I state championships on Saturday at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, there are eight boys in the 28-swimmer field in the 50 freestyle. Although Norwood’s Higgins was ruled academically ineligible Friday and will not compete at the state meet, two of the top four seeds in the 50 freestyle are boys, giving rise to the possibility that a boy could be the girls state champion.

Sarah Hooper, a senior at Needham High who is the fourth-fastest female entrant, finds the situation difficult to swallow.

“It’s really frustrating to see how athletic directors and school administrators aren’t doing anything,” she said. “They really aren’t advocating for us. I understand there isn’t an opportunity for these boys, but it infuriates me that they can’t combine two schools’ boys to create one team or have them compete in separate heats. The way it is now, the boys are taking recognition away from girls who have worked hard and deserve it.”

In addition to the 50 freestyle, many of the boys also compete in the 200-yard freestyle relay. At the state meet, the top-seeded relay team, from Walpole, includes two boys, Bobby Gay and Christian Kelley. Although people have been fixated on the boys, Jessica Suave turned in the fastest split during one of the relay team’s recent victories.

With every stroke they take, the boys are displacing more than water. They could knock girls off the awards podium and make it harder for girls to qualify for All-Star honors and the postseason. Perhaps predictably, they also are altering the dynamic on the pool deck, with swimmers lining up to cheer not just for their teams but for their gender.

“Absolutely, it has changed the atmosphere on the pool deck,” said Marilyn Fitzgerald, the longtime swim coach at Andover High, a perennial powerhouse. At her sectional meet last week, she added, “Coaches on the pool deck last weekend were going bloody out of their minds.”

Cooler heads are not found in the bleachers. At the Bay State conference meet earlier this month, Hooper’s father, Eric, lost his composure after watching her get beaten by boys. While waiting for her after the race, he said to her male competitors, “Good job for beating the girls.”

Eric Hooper was reprimanded by Needham High administrators, who told him not to attend the sectional meet. But he will be in the stands at the Zesiger Sports and Fitness Center on M.I.T’s campus to watch his daughter compete in the 50 and 100 freestyle events.

“It was wrong of me to say what I did,” Hooper said. “I was just frustrated, basically, because I feel it is totally inappropriate for boys who are bigger and stronger to be competing against girls.”

Boys swimming is held in the winter, when pool space is limited and expensive to rent, which is a deterrent for many schools. Athletic directors say the sport is not as popular among boys as it is girls, making it hard to field full squads. Some schools in the winter offer coed swimming, where boys and girls compete side-by-side in the dual meets and then separately in the postseason.

Over the years, there have been girls wrestling on boys teams or playing football or ice hockey. Boys have been on field hockey teams and girls have competed alongside boys in golf.

But in wrestling, boys and girls of the same weight compete against each other. And in field hockey and other team sports, a boy on a girls team achieves success through cooperation and collaboration with his teammates. When Higgins won the 50 freestyle at the South Division sectional meet, he did so at the expense of Kate Vanasse of Westwood High, who was second.

Kim Goodwin, the Norwood coach, said she was an opponent of boys competing with girls before she had boys on her team. Then her opinion changed. She saw the boys, who did not participate in other sports, develop self-confidence and mature.

“They work so incredibly hard in the pool, and they seem really grateful to be on the team,” she said.

Higgins’s winning time of 23.96 was a personal best by one second. He broke the girls’ sectional record, set in 1985 by Cynthia Kangos of Wellesley, by 14-hundredths of a second. (The boys’ sectional record is 21.40.)

Goodwin said an uncomfortable silence settled over the pool deck when the results flashed on the scoreboard.

“I was torn,” she said in an e-mail. “I was so happy for Will that he went a best time, but I was worrying about the reaction when he received his award. I told him, ‘If you hear any boos, just ignore them and be happy with what you accomplished.’ ”

The next day, Kangos, now Cynthia Baker, received a phone call from a Wellesley administrator who told her about her record being broken. “Wow,” she said. “That’s great.” Then she was told the new record holder was a boy, and she grew angry.

“I’ll be upset if they give him the record,” said Baker, who earned a swimming scholarship to Alabama.

She added: “There’s a reason these records are girls’ records. If there was no difference in boys’ strength, then it would be a unisex record. It’s really not fair. The more I thought about it, the more I couldn’t believe it.”

Paul Wetzel, a spokesman for the Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association, said the state’s swimming committee would meet after the season, and among the topics on the table would be Higgins’s record swim.

“They are going to look for ways to deal with a boy holding a record in a girl’s sport,” he said, “Because sooner or later, I guess, some boy is going to come along and be the fastest swimmer.”

Rachel Moore of Andover is the top female swimmer in the state. At the North Division sectional meet, Moore, who plans to swim at Virginia on a swimming scholarship, was timed in a state-best 23.42 in the 50 freestyle.

But she will not swim the event at the state meet. Instead she will race in the 100 backstroke and 100 butterfly.

“I was not going to put her in the 50 free just to satisfy everyone who wants to see Rachel beat the boys,” Fitzgerald, Moore’s coach, said.

Fitzgerald said she hoped a girl prevailed in the race, but saw a silver lining in a boy triumphing.

“At least the M.I.A.A. will have to take action,” she said. “They can’t have a boy be the girls state champion.”

20 November 2011

Michelle Booed

When will the racism end?

Revolution, now!

Farage: What gives you the right to dictate to the Greek and Italian people?

South Park Owns #OccupyWallStreet

19 November 2011

Meet the Female Paedophile

No wonder liberals hate them so much

Portugal to Finland

Creation Ministries International named as a ‘threat’ to Britain’s school children

by Dominic Statham

Sir David Attenborough

Sir David Attenborough (Credit Wikipedia)

In May of this year, CMI-UK’s Philip Bell addressed some pupils at a Religious Education study day at a Church of England school in Exeter. As a result, the self-styled ‘British Centre for Science Education’ (BCSE) launched its ‘Creationism In Schools Isn’t Science’ (CrISIS) campaign, supported by the National Secular Society.

This took the form of a letter to the UK Secretary of State for Education, signed by a number of prominent scientists, demanding that action be taken to prevent creationism being taught in schools as having any kind of scientific validity.

This week, the British Humanist Association (BHA) joined the party, making their bid to silence all who would seek to inform children of the scientific short comings of evolutionary theory and to present them with an alternative view of origins. Supported by a much more impressive group of scientists than those co-opted by the BCSE, the BHA has launched their ‘Teach Evolution, not Creationism!’ campaign.

Backed by over twenty Fellows of the Royal Society, including Sir David Attenborough (pictured above) and Prof Richard Dawkins, they are calling for “enforceable statutory guidance that [creationism and intelligent design] may not be presented as scientific theories in any publically funded school.”1

Desperate to quash dissent

These people are demanding that the belief in ‘molecules-to-man evolution’ be taught as scientifically proven fact, and are determined that pupils should be denied the possibility of hearing any scientific criticism of this view.

There’s no doubt that such a regime of indoctrination would ensure that very few would leave school knowing that considerable dissent about evolution exists among scientists, or that many of the top evolutionary scientists admit that they have no idea how inanimate matter could have evolved into living organisms.

The co-discoverer of DNA Francis Crick admitted, “The origin of life seems almost to be a miracle, so many are the conditions which would have had to have been satisfied to get it going.”2 Similarly, the top evolutionary scientist Professor Stuart Kaufman wrote, “Anyone who tells you that he or she knows how life started on earth some 3.4 billion years ago is a fool or a knave.

Nobody knows.”3 Committed evolutionist and former director of the human genome project Francis Collins wrote, “No current hypothesis comes close to explaining how … the prebiotic environment that existed on planet earth gave rise to life.”4

In fact, everything we know about science tells us that ordinary chemicals would not self-assemble to form living cells. The laws of chemistry dictate that the biopolymers required for life would break down rather than build themselves up. Moreover basic mathematical analyses make clear that, even if by some miracle they did self-assemble, it is absurd to imagine that undirected processes would cause them to have the correct form.5

Of course, informed evolutionists know all this very well—but still insist that ‘abiogenesis is a fact’.6 Why? Because they are committed to the religion of scientism, the belief that everything we see around us can and should be explained only by natural processes.

The fact that we don’t observe natural processes that appear remotely capable of producing life from non-life is irrelevant. To them, such processes must exist, or must have existed in the past, because life exists—and it’s unthinkable that a Creator God is responsible for biological life.

Such thinking makes clear that the creation/evolution debate is not about science; it is about one worldview versus another. Ironically, the faith of scientism flies in the face of scientific knowledge.

One of the prominent supporters of the BHA’s campaign is the Oxford University Neuroscientist Professor Colin Blakemore, who is quoted on the BHA website:

“The evidence for evolution as the basis of life on earth is overwhelming and we see it all around us – from the effects of selective breeding in domestic and farm animals to the continuous changes in ’flu viruses.”

Actually, all the observational evidence makes plain that, however much dogs, cows, chickens and horses are selectively bred, dogs remain dogs, cows remain cows, chickens remain chickens and horses remain horses. Moreover, whenever we study the changes which are claimed to demonstrate the evolution of flu viruses, bacteria resistant to antibiotics or insects resistant to pesticides, we are unable to find any evidence of the novelties that are required for microbe-to-man evolution.

These ‘examples of evolution’ are invariably found to arise from the use of existing genetic information or the loss of genetic information and associated loss of function. For microbe-to-man evolution, mutations would be required that increase information and function—and on an enormous scale. Such changes are conspicuous by their absence.

Media mendacity

Unfortunately, the media’s general reporting of this latest campaign is as misleading as the statements made by the scientists seeking to support the BHA and its apostles of secularism. According to the Guardian, “Speakers from Creation Ministries International are touring the UK, presenting themselves as scientists and their creationist views as science at a number of schools.”7

In fact, the majority of our speaking engagements are at churches and we visit schools only occasionally. When we do speak at schools, it is by invitation or has been instigated by someone known to the school locally and never solicited by CMI. Moreover, it is extremely rare for us to speak in a science class. It was also reported that “Creation Ministries International was unavailable for comment.”

However, since the invitation to comment was received in an e-mail on Saturday at 8.15 pm, along with notification that the article had to be finished by the following Sunday at midday, it is hardly surprising that we were unable to respond before their publication deadline; but with this article we have now done so.

On their website, the BHA proudly quote the journalist Ariane Sherine: “All children should be free to grow up in a world where they are allowed to question, doubt, think freely, and reach their own conclusions about what they believe.” Ironically, this is exactly what the BHA and its associates are fighting so hard to prevent.

This latest move by the BHA is likely to be treated much more seriously than the BCSE’s CrISIS campaign. At times like this we particularly value the support and prayers of Christian people.

18 November 2011

Vietnamese Christians Protest Government Building Sewage Plant on Church Grounds

Hundreds of Catholics in Vietnam gathered to hold a protest on Friday in Hanoi after government officials announced plans of building a sewage plant around a local church.

Reports from Asia Online shared that more than 150 Christians marched outside a cathedral that serves as the headquarters of the Catholic community. The group was dispersed by 20 police officers, but the event is significant because the strict authoritarian country does not allow many demonstrations.

Christians in Vietnam, however, had enough and do not want a sewage project to go through the church’s lands, which they see as an attack on their place of worship.

The Thai Ha Redemptorist Church was engaged in a battle for its land since 1972, and already saw a former monastery seized and turned into a hospital, according to Times Live.

Tensions are still high in Hanoi, after a Baptist church house was attacked on Sunday. A mob of 10 men assaulted Pastor Nguyen Danh Chau, beating him severely and causing serious head trauma, according to Worthy News.

Many other church members were also beaten, including women and children. Worshippers were punched, smacked, and kicked to the floor.

The group, who had wanted the Christians to stop their prayer service, ripped a cross from the Agape Baptist Church, and destroyed the family garden and fruit trees before they left. They also threatened they would murder the pastor if he does not give up on his sermons.

"All they (the other church members) could do was weep, and I also could not prevent my tears from flowing. Why do they gratuitously beat servants of the Lord like this? What crime have they committed; what enemies have they made? All we want to do is gather people to worship and serve God and our fellowman,” said Chau.

17 November 2011

The 'PC plug' electric panda car with no carbon emissions

It's unlikely to strike fear into the hearts of criminals.

And they're sure to make a speedy getaway if the patrol car behind them suddenly needs recharging.

But police in Scotland are going full-throttle towards eco-power and have unveiled an 'electric panda' that will become Scotland's first fully-operational battery powered police car.

Lothian and Borders Police have replaced a standard police patrol car at the Scottish Parliament with a Mitsubishi I-Miev as part of their efforts to reduce carbon emissions.

Eco-friendly: Lothian and Borders Police Sergeant Peter Houston inside his new electric panda, which is Scotland's first fully-operational battery powered police car

Eco-friendly: Lothian and Borders Police Sergeant Peter Houston inside his new electric panda, which is Scotland's first fully-operational battery powered police car

And plans are underway to add more of the carbon neutral vehicles to more fleets in the near future.

Chief Superintendent Derek Robertson, Head of Lothian and Borders Police Operations Division, said: 'The acquisition of these electric vehicles signals our intent to continually look to the future and provide the highest quality of policing whilst at the same time take significant steps to reducing our carbon footprint.'

Dave Kennan, fleet manager for Lothian and Borders Police, described the new car as 'a step in the right direction'.

The mechanic, with 28 years service with the force, said: 'There is definitely a place for it in our operations.

Battery-powered: The electric panda has zero carbon emissions, but quite how it would fare in a high-speed chase is another matter

Battery-powered: The electric panda has zero carbon emissions, but quite how it would fare in a high-speed chase is another matter

'These cars are great at low speeds and are ideal for city centre driving.

'It drives like a normal car, albeit an automatic, and is a very smooth and comfortable ride.'

Lothian and Borders Police have also bought a zero-emission Ford Connect Electric to replace an existing fleet van.


Cost - £38,699

Top speed - 81 mph

Body style - Hatchback

80 miles-per-charge

Alloy wheels

Engine size - 1cc

Engine power - 66 bhp

Engine torque - 133 lbs/ft

Gearbox type - Automatic

Height - 1610 mm

Length - 3475 mm

Width - 1475 mm

Weight - 1450 kg

Turning circle - Nine metres

Co2 emissions - 0

Both vehicles are capable of travelling 80miles on a single charge and can carry around 500kg.

Mr Kennan said: 'As a large organisation that regularly uses a range of vehicles as part of our operational duties, it is prudent for us to research investments, which not only benefit the Force financially, but can have significant benefits for the environment.

'The knowledge we will gain from this trial should benefit not only ourselves but other organisations looking to utilise this technology further.'

He added: 'Both the electric van and the patrol car will now be in full operational service and will have an impact on our carbon emissions and our fuel expenses.

'If this pilot is successful and the vehicles prove themselves to be fully capable for policing duties, we will of course look to invest further and replace more of our fleet with carbon neutral alternatives.'

Fleet management anticipate that in the van's five-year service, over 1.5 tonnes of CO2 will be saved along with a reduction in fuel costs.

This will see further reductions in the force's CO2 levels and fuel costs. Both vehicles were officially put into service on Wednesday, November 9.

Consultation is now ongoing with the Scottish Carbon Trust to secure funding to bring in more carbon neutral vehicles in the future.


16 November 2011

Women Can Smell a Man's Sexual Intentions

It's not hard to tell when a guy is "happy to see you."

The twinkle in his eye, his swagger, that sexy smile — all are clear signs he's in the mood.

And, at least subconsciously, a woman can also tell by the scent of his sweat, according to new research.

Scientists have long debated whether humans, like animals, use chemical signals called pheromones to communicate sexual interest to potential mates.

Problem is, the effects of pheromones are thought to be subconscious — meaning that if we do communicate using them, we sure don't know it.

It's also hard to know what these pheromones might be and how we sense them, so researchers understand little about them.
But if human pheromones are going to be anywhere, they're going to be in sweat, right?

Denise Chen, a psychologist at Rice University in Houston, and her colleagues devised an experiment to compare how women respond to different forms of male sweat — sweat produced in everyday situations versus that produced when a man is turned on.

The researchers speculated that if humans do produce and respond to sweat pheromones, then a woman should respond to a guy's sexual sweat differently than she does to his normal sweat.

Chen and her colleagues asked 20 heterosexual guys to stop wearing deodorant and scented products for a few days.

Then they told the men to put small pads in their armpits as they watched pornographic videos and became aroused. (The researchers confirmed, using electrodes, that the images did the job.)

Later, the guys were asked to exchange those pads for fresh pads to collect the sweat they produced when they weren't aroused.

Then the researchers recruited 19 brave women to smell the men's pads while undergoing brain scans.

The investigators used functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), a technique that reveals the brain regions a person is using at any given time — even if their brain activity is subconscious.

Sure enough, the women's brains responded very differently depending on which sweat they sniffed. (And no, none of them passed out.)

The sexual sweat, but not the normal sweat, activated the right orbitofrontal cortex and the right fusiform cortex, brain areas that help us recognize emotions and perceive things, respectively.

Both regions are in the right hemisphere, which is generally involved in smell, social response, and emotion.

The findings bolster the idea that humans do communicate via subconscious chemical signals, notes Chen in her study, which was published in the Dec. 31 issue of the Journal of Neuroscience.

Our sexual intentions, in other words, may be a lot clearer than we ever intended them to be.

That crush you have on your co-worker? She may already know — at least subconsciously.

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15 November 2011

Is the Training of Women Doctors A Waste of Money?


Is the Training of Women Doctors A Waste of Money?

UK GP shortage to worsen as young doctors switch to part-time work.

UK More than half of all students taking up scarce places at medical school are women - yet, after 10 years, 60 per cent of them have given up, leaving a huge hole in the NHS. The same goes for teaching. Alice Thomson - Daily Telegraph 27/06/03

60% of women doctors will give up their 'careers' within about 10 years.

The continuing deterioration of the National Health Service despite the enormous extra sums of money being put into it by the taxpayer is largely thanks to the training of more and more women to become doctors in the place of men.

the requirement to give women 'equal opportunities' ... is leading to far worse conditions and shortfalls in the NHS

In areas such as medicine, the requirement to give women 'equal opportunities' by demanding that medical schools try to train as many women as they do men to become doctors is leading to far worse conditions and shortfalls in the NHS - a service that is already failing the country abysmally.

The fact that so many of these women doctors will take out years from their profession in order to have children and to look after them (with some never returning) is a major drain on a system that is already unable to cope.

In theory, it sounds great to have as many women doctors working in the NHS as men. In practice, however, the consequence is that EVERYONE has to wait a good deal longer to be dealt with, and the entire service is considerably less efficient.

And with waiting lists already far too long even for urgent surgical operations, the price for this 'equality' is rather high. And it costs some people their health and some people their lives.

Most people have a great deal of sympathy with the view that women should be permitted to become doctors working for the NHS if they have the requisite abilities - even if they do log out of the system to bring up families. But there is a price to be paid! In the case of the NHS, everyone who uses it pays a price - particularly the old, the young, the weak, the vulnerable and the sick.

In fact, the most needy of all pay the price!

And these are mostly women.

many times more women are negatively affected by an impoverished NHS than there are women doctors.

Indeed, many times more women are negatively affected by an impoverished NHS than there are women doctors.

Indeed, all women are affected by this.

Further, of course, all of us will need medical treatment at some stage in our lives, and so all of us will suffer from the adverse effects of an NHS that is greatly diminished by the low long-term career aspirations of a relatively small number of women.

Furthermore, the training of doctors is a very expensive business that stretches well beyond the five years that students spend at medical school. And with 60% of women doctors giving up their careers within ten years, the training of women to become doctors is largely a waste of taxpayers' money.

Moreover, the country loses the potential talents of all those young men who would have embarked upon long-term careers in medicine were it not for the fact that women were taking up the places at medical schools.

In addition, it is worth pointing out that - as with all the major professions - experience is just about everything. And so when women doctors in the NHS give up their careers after a few years of work, the country is denied the services of men doctors who would actually have had the same period of experience.

And who would then have gone on to get even more experience!

In other words, these future highly-experienced doctors are lost forever.

In summary, the training of women to become doctors significantly degrades the health system. It harms the most needy of people the most. It negatively impacts on all of us. It is a waste of taxpayers' money. And it persistently deprives the country of a large number of highly experienced doctors.

But that's feminism for you!

As in so many other areas, it has a huge cost.

And why do we inflict this huge cost upon the nation?

We do this so that a few thousand women can benefit from having a career in medicine

We do this so that a few thousand women can benefit from having a career in medicine, with most of them choosing to abandon it for something more to their liking.

What is the solution? Do we stop women from becoming doctors by giving all the limited number of places at medical schools to men?

Well, the purpose of this article was not to provide a particular solution to this problem, but to point out that this is yet another area where feminism extracts a very large price from just about everyone for the benefit of a few women. This needs to be pointed out rather than swept under the carpet.

this issue also highlights the impossibility of achieving the 'gender equity'

Furthermore, this issue also highlights the impossibility of achieving the 'gender equity' so often loudly espoused by current-day feminists with rarely a thought to what it might actually mean. The phrase 'gender equity' is virtually meaningless.

For example, how, exactly, does one achieve 'gender equity' with regard to the training of women doctors?

Do we force women doctors to stay at their posts so that the gender balance of highly-experienced doctors remains the same throughout the decades?

Would this achieve 'gender equity'?

No. It would not. And there would be permanent public outrage orchestrated by the feminists on the grounds of sex-discrimination.

Do we train twice as many women doctors as men

Do we train twice as many women doctors as men in medical schools to allow for the fact that half of the women will drop out - on the grounds that unless we do this women will not have access to the same number of experienced women doctors as men have to men doctors?

Would this achieve 'gender equity'?

No. It would not. Such a solution would clearly discriminate very heavily against talented young men who wanted to go to medical school. And it would result in the most enormous waste of taxpayers money and a diversion of scarce educational resources toward the very group of people - women - most likely to squander them, with the negative consequences being worst for the most sick and the most vulnerable people in our society.

So. What 'equitable' solutions to this particular problem of women doctors choosing to quit the medical profession would 'gender equity' feminists actually propose?

And what do we do about the feminist mullahs and their media lackeys who continue stirring up hatred toward men by blaming them for the fact that relatively few women eventually reach high office in the world of medicine despite the case being that it is clearly the women themselves who, statistically speaking, have little interest in achieving high office?

And what would be so laughable about this sort of situation - were its consequences not so awful - is this.

Because women doctors drop like flies out of the profession, there ends up being a shortage of doctors. This raises the value of doctors and, hence, their incomes, and so the average pay for men rises (as does their attractiveness to non-earning wives) while that of women, relatively, falls.

Feminism ... is always concerned solely with the welfare of a few women

Feminism is a very damaging and destructive ideology. It is always concerned solely with the welfare of a few women - in this particular case, those who have whims about being doctors - to the detriment of everyone else. Further, its proponents - the feminists - then foist hatred throughout the nation by vociferously blaming men for the failures of these very same women to reach statistical parity in high positions!

Indeed, the only solution that can ever eventually satisfy the feminists is for men and women to be forced into being statistically the same in just about every conceivable way. Anything less and they will continue to cry 'discrimination' and constantly seek to portray themselves as perpetual victims and men as perpetual oppressors.

Forty years ago, those who interviewed students who wanted places at medical schools used to grill them very aggressively with questions designed to find out how likely they were to stick with the profession once they had qualified. They did not want to expend their scarce resources training people who were going to end up wasting them.

Nowadays, however, no expense is spared in order to pander to the selfish desires of a few women, no matter how detrimental these desires may be to the lives of everyone else.


UK Crippling Africa's Healthcare Many doctors overseas apply to work in the UK each year The UK is crippling sub-Saharan Africa's healthcare system by poaching its staff, UK doctors have warned.

we actually have to poach doctors from some very impoverished parts of the world

Yep; we actually have to poach doctors from some very impoverished parts of the world because 60% of our own women doctors give up their jobs within ten years, with a further huge percentage only willing to work part time.

Despite the appalling problems that this causes to our health service and, as indicated above, also to those impoverished people who live in countries that cannot afford to lose their doctors to us, we, in the UK, will continue to waste our precious medical resources training annually a few thousand women who wish to play around at being doctors for a short number of years.

And we will continue to do this because nothing, absolutely nothing, must stand in the way of even a small number of women doing whatever they want to do, no matter how much is the cost to everyone else.

The scale of the influx of foreign doctors and nurses into the British health service has been disclosed. It shows that nearly 190,000 doctors and nurses have come to the country from outside the EU in just eight years.

Bleeding Africa Dry

Why Women Were 'Denied' Important Jobs

£5700 For A Day The NHS paid one doctor £5,700 for a day’s work under a system which sees hospitals squander millions on agency medics to stand in at understaffed hospitals.

The huge problems facing the NHS, and us, are significantly exacerbated because of the push to get more women to become doctors.

But being a doctor is an important job. It also requires huge expense for training; in terms of both time and money.

Perhaps, therefore, instead of listening to those man-hating feminists, who perpetually, and vociferously, blame men for the fact that women were denied important jobs in the past, we should take note that the three main reasons that women were 'denied' such jobs in the past were as follows.

1. Those jobs were important - for all of us.

2. Women did not want to do them.

3. Women would not have been much good at doing them - in comparison to men - because they kept quitting!

As such, it was quite right that men were favoured in the past for such jobs.

So, the next time that you hear the usual wailing about women being 'denied' important jobs in the past, I suggest that you respond with the following words.

"And quite right too! We would probably also be better off if we 'denied' them those jobs in the future!"

That'd shut 'em up!



Doctor gets £500k for needle prick

BBC News

The doctor developed growing anxieties about needles, blood and Aids

A junior doctor has received almost half a million pounds in compensation after accidentally pricking herself with a needle.

June Kelly: "The BMA says the size of the damages reflects a lifetimes's loss of earnings" The doctor, a house officer in a London hospital, had not picked up any infection from the injury, but she developed a phobia about needles and is now unable to work.

The woman pricked herself on a needle left on a drugs trolley at Charing Cross Hospital, west London, in December 1992.


The doctor, who had been qualified for about a year, developed growing anxieties about needles, blood and Aids. She struggled to work before signing off sick almost two years later.


Part-Time Women GPs Hinder Plan to Expand NHS

Nigel Hawkes

The Times

THE increase in women doctors is a timebomb for the NHS as their desire to work part-time means that the Government could meet its target of 2,000 extra GPs by 2004 yet still see a fall in hours worked, a new survey shows. The British Medical Association has repeatedly given warning that part-timers would blow a hole in the Government’s NHS Plan, as more than half of all new GPs are women.

The survey, published in British Medical Journal, shows just how serious the problem is likely to be.

Isobel Bowler, an independent health service researcher, and Neil Jackson, Dean of Postgraduate General Practice Eduction in London, issued questionnaires to all 470 GP registrars — GPs in training — in southeast England. They represented a third of all registrars in England.

Almost 80 per cent returned the questionnaires. The results showed that 60 per cent of women GPs do not plan to work full-time.

Only 30 per cent of them said that they planned to work full-time, compared with 75 per cent of the men.

Since the majority of young GPs are women, this will make a big difference to the total number needed to meet the NHS Plan targets.

The authors of the research conclude that the Government’s promise of 550 new training posts in order to achieve 2,000 new GPs will not be enough. “Qualified doctors currently in practice should be retained and encouraged to participate more in the workforce,” they say.

The BMA says that the research backs up its own survey carried out last year, to which all GPs were asked to respond. “When we analysed it by age we found that younger GPs all intended to work part-time,” a BMA spokeswoman said.

“More than three quarters of GPs under 30 are women, and even if they do no more than take their entitlement to maternity leave it will have a considerable effect.”

The Department of Health’s own workforce figures show that last year the number of GPs in England, measured by the hours they will work, rose by just 18 to 25,938.

Measuring numbers in this way is more accurate than a simple head-count, as it takes into account those who work part-time. In Wales, the number had actually fallen, by one.

Doctors’ leaders condemned the increases as woefully inadequate but the Department of Health says that the true increase is 310, if trainees and those working under different contracts are included.

The total headcount, the figure that the department emphasised, has risen to 30,685 in England.

Training medical students could also be a problem in future because of the decline in the number of doctors who work in medical schools, a second paper in British Medical Journal says.

Professor Paul Steart of the University of Birmingham says that academic medicine is great difficulty, with more than 10 per cent of posts unfilled. He says that the uncertain career structure for academics, combined with lower salary prospects because of a lack of opportunities for private work, are two reasons.

Clinical research is also under threat, with the number of academics involved in it falling by 12 per cent between 1996 and 2001.

Irish Examiner 25/Aug/05

Female doctor bias causing staff crisis, warn consultants

By Catherine Shanahan
THE growing number of female doctors is causing a staffing crisis as they are avoiding jobs that involve weekend work and long hours, claim consultants.There is also a shortage of hospital doctors because women are looking for part-time hours and opting for general practice because the hours are more family-friendly.

Figures from the Irish Medical Council show women (2,343) outnumber men (2,248) as doctors aged 20-35 for the first time.

Dr Roisín Healy, A&E consultant at Our Lady’s Hospital for Sick Children in Crumlin, Dublin, said the feminisation of medicine was damaging.

“I do think the status of the profession goes down the more feminised it becomes, that’s a sociological given. Men still have more clout - the more masculised a profession, the more it gets, for example, in terms of attracting funding for research.”

Dr Chris Luke, director of postgraduate medicine at Cork University Hospital (CUH), warned the feminisation of medicine had significant implications.

“We have grave difficulties staffing A&E departments around the country basically because the discipline is out of hours.

“It seems to be a fact that women are making different career choices to their predecessors and by and large are opting for specialities that are not out of hours, or they are looking for part-time work.”

Dr Luke said he was seeing shortages in training for surgery, A&E and anaesthesia - which all have high on-call rates - partly attributable to women opting out of out-of-hours work.

He said implementing the Fottrell report was the only way to end the growing gender imbalance because it would replace the Leaving Certificate - where girls traditionally score higher - as the only assessment tool for entry to medical school.

However, Dr Mary Gray, a Limerick-based GP who has reviewed studies of women in medicine, said the Leaving Certificate is a fair system.

“There is no outside influence. I wouldn’t support any system that wasn’t based purely on merit. If you were to introduce a discriminatory system, making it easier for men, you are then discriminating against women.”


Ah yes. One must not discriminate against a few thousand women's career aspirations even though EVERYBODY ELSE IN THE COUNTRY - especially the weak, the sick, the old and the vulnerable - has to pay a SIGNIFICANT price - with their health.

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