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24 January 2011

My sexual revolution exposed - Satan's Blog


Posted in False religion, Sexual revolution, Sex with tags , , , on January 22, 2011 by devilbloggger
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You know, my servants, every once in a while a Godpunk gets it. I mean really gets it. This time it’s some dude named Peter Kreeft, writing in the Catholic Education Resource Center in an article entitled “Christian anthropology versus the Sexual Revolution.” I hesitate to ask you to read it, as it truly reveals a secret of my kingdom on earth: It’s all about sex.

On second thought, I must ask you to not read Kreeft’s article. By reading it you run the risk of contaminating your mind by learning Kreeft’s insight, something I’ve known for centuries: among all the substitutes for God, sex is a pretty good one.

Pretty good, Kreeft?

Hey, look around. What other area of morality has experienced a “revolution”? Does anyone talk of a “Property Revolution”? Or a “Bearing False Witness Revolution”? Does anyone defend as morally acceptable terrorism, sadism, cannibalism, insider trading, nuclear war, environmental pollution, rape, hypocrisy, torture, or murder? Whoops, I just quoted Kreeft himself in that last list. That’s because even though I hate that Kreeft stumbled into this truth, I must admit that I can hardly improve on his articulation of it. As Kreeft recognizes, we are all allowed to be “judgmental” about everything in that list above. But if it has anything to do with sex we dare not be “judgmental”.

Abortion? It’s all about sex. In most states of the United States if a gunman shoots a pregnant woman and kills the fetus, it’s murder. If a negligent driver kills a fetus in an automobile accident, it’s negligent homicide. But if a doctor kills a fetus as a form of birth control? Hey, no problem, it’s just about sex.

Divorce? As Kreeft recognizes, suppose that some other social norm resulted in the scientifically provable pathologies associated with divorce. (Note to the naive: divorce is destroying Western culture). But divorce is tolerated, even celebrated. Why? There is only one reason: Hey, no problem, it’s just about sex. As Kreeft states: We are not allowed to steal another man’s money without being put into jail, but we can steal another man’s wife.

Ha ha ha ha ha.

But Kreeft misses the mark in one area touched by the sexual revolution: politics. Yes, as Kreeft notes, the non-impeachment of President Clinton is strong evidence that while virtually any immorality outside of sex would be a political career ender, sexual escapades rarely are. But Clinton survived sexual scandal not only because “it’s just sex,” but also because he is part and parcel of the sexual revolution itself. Like Italy’s Premier Silvo Berlusconi‘s ”dalliances with young women,” as reported here, Clinton’s sexual exploits are overlooked as “just sex” because he supports the cultural and social policies ushered in with the sexual revolution. And he in no way attempts to suppress them.

But let a politically conservative, pro-life, or otherwise religious person in politics be accused of sexual impropriety?

Ha ha ha ha ha.

I’m good. I’m really good.

And here’s the best part, my servants, and something else that Kreeft missed. I use sex to sell false religions as well. Kreeft noted that it’s the teaching of the Church about sex that is by far the main reason the world hates and fears God’s church today. But in addition to proper teaching on sex being socially out of step, virtually every false cult and religion out there mis-uses sex as God intended it to be as I intend. Cult leaders who take little girls as wives? That’s me. Bigamous relationships? That’s me. Promises of virgins after death? That’s me.

Ha ha ha ha ha.

That last one was in the news today! Yes, it seems that over at CNNs belief blog, Adam Levine has discovered “virgin inflation” among Muslims. In an article entitled “Afterlife inflation: Have jihadists had to raise martyrdom incentive?” Levine explores what happens when I use sex to advance my own religious objectives. Sometimes even a lie has to be exaggerated.

Ha ha ha ha ha.

The “72 virgins” thing is nonsense; as Levine explains such a notion has no basis even in the Quran. It is a complete and utter lie, advanced by me because I know that whether I wish to blow up a marriage or a building, holding out the promise of good sex will do it every time.

How else do you think I could trap so many sex addicts, whether they be second graders naked and doing sex acts in front of their teacher, or publicly pious men among my enemies, the Godpunks? Kreeft notes a recent poll that showed over 50% of men who attend church every Sunday are addicted to pornography. And about half of the remaining 50% don’t even recognize their eye-fill as porn or their time-waste as addiction.

Oh yeah, I am good at what I do.

And for the record, all you big, bad, bomb-strappin’ boys–we’re out of virgins down here.

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