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12 January 2011

Hate Speech from the Left


“Republicans don’t believe in the imagination, partly because so few of them have one, but mostly because it gets in the way of their chosen work, which is to destroy the human race and the planet. Human beings, who have imaginations, can see a recipe for disaster in the making; Republicans, whose goal in life is to profit from disaster and who don’t give a hoot about human beings, either can’t or won’t. Which is why I personally think they should be exterminated before they cause any more harm.”
Michael Feingold, Village Voice, Jan. 13 2004

That’s just one of the “Top 10 Examples of Liberal Hate” cited by Human Events and you should read the whole thing.

Strange to say, that particular example didn’t occur in a political column, but in a theater review. I’d love to take a moment to “tone down the rhetoric,” I’m too busy destroying the human race and the planet while trying to avoid my own extermination. Work, work, work . . .

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