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30 January 2011

US Communist Leader Urges Unification With Democratic Party

Posted by Jim Hoft

Most of us saw this coming. In fact, most of us already thought the democrats were a socialst party. (Aren’t they?) In fact, socialists marched into the left-wing’s One Nation” rally in October chanting: “Obama aint no socialist! We are! We are!”

So this may not come as a surprise to many of you… But it is significant.
The leader of the Communist Party USA is telling his supporters to unite with democrats.
P/O’ed Patriot posted this today from the Communist People’s World:

People’s multi-racial, multi-ethnic unity and action at a higher level is of critical importance if the assault under way at local, state and federal levels is to be slowed down and then reversed.

While this assault has bipartisan elements, right-wing extremism is leading the charge and one has to be careful not to lump everybody together.

Each legislative fight has to be examined concretely with an eye to drawing to the side of working people every possible ally in this unprecedented struggle, including sections of the Democratic Party and the Obama administration.

Out of frustration it is easy to put both parties in one boat regardless of circumstances, but that is a strategic and tactical mistake. Struggles that could be won will be lost if this strategy and tactic is pursued, and defeats that could be mitigated will turn into momentous setbacks.

Working people fight on an unfavorable terrain at this moment and are unable to dictate the agenda and terms of struggle. In these conditions, broad unity and reach is essential.

This situation probably won’t change until 2012, and then it depends on that election’s outcome. In the meantime, it will take practical mass initiatives, a sound strategy, tactical flexibility, and common sense to turn things around!

It should be an easy fit.

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