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29 January 2011

Anti-Violence Activist Beats Up Woman


Posted by Van Helsing

It's better to practice what liberals preach, because only an imam would be barbaric enough to preach what some of them practice. For example, the "prime mover" of We Stop the Killings can't always be sermonizing about the evils of violence; sometimes he has to let off a little steam by pounding on women in front of babies:

Warren Jackson was charged with a misdemeanor count of domestic battery, said the Cook County State's Attorney's office.
Tinley Park Police were called to the Burlington Coat Factory at about 8:23 p.m. Jan. 21 after another shopper reported walking out of the store and seeing a man hitting a woman inside a car parked in the fire lane in front of the store, according to a police report.
The shopper reported seeing the man remove a toddler from the car and put him back in the front passenger seat of the vehicle before turning around from the driver's seat and punching a woman in the back seat, police said. The shopper told police she ran inside to call for help and when she exited again the car had relocated to a different part of the parking lot where the man continued to attack the woman, police said.

When the cops arrived,

The child was sitting in the front seat of the car without a child's safety seat, and the woman was in the back seat of the car with cuts on her face, police said.

Warren has had trouble with the law before:

Jackson is the subject of a lawsuit filed by Attorney General Lisa Madigan's office Dec. 2 seeking to shut down the Chicago-based organization We Stop the Killings, saying it is operating illegally while soliciting charitable donations.
The lawsuit seeks to stop Jackson and five others associated with the organization's website, westopthekillings.org, from managing a charitable organization in Illinois. The suit says the group solicited donations and falsely claimed the money would fund efforts to curb youth violence in Chicago.

Corruption, deception, hypocrisy, and bogus sanctimony in the city that gave us the Moonbat Messiah? Please say it isn't so.

warren-jackson.jpg Warren Jackson "is richly committed to creating solutions that assist with the issues of violence among today's youth."

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