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25 May 2012

OWS Walking Past Soros’ House To Protest Outside Murdoch’s Apartment

On Wednesday’s The Factor, Bill O’Reilly brought on author and columnist Ann Coulter to discuss Barack Obama being in “full campaign mode.”

As you know, Obama visited Jay Leno where he talked about, among other things, the end of the Iraq War and Occupy Wall Street.

Coulter shared that she finds Obama’s mannerisms “increasingly grating.” O’Reilly noted that a recent poll organized by Fox News found that 48 percent of respondents would be “distraught” if Obama were re-elected (Less people, O’Reilly joked, than would totally freak out were Coulter elected Commander-in-Chief. I don’t think she terribly appreciated that attempt at humor ). Coulter was dismayed that more people weren’t preparing to high-tail it to Canada given Obamacare’s impact on the economy.

On the matter of Occupy Wall Street, Coulter found Obama’s comments on Leno’s show “annoying” given that he is “buddies” with the very überwealthy, corrupt Wall Streeters the movement professes to be against. Plus, she added, it’s not as if the protest is especially committed to upholding its professed ideas across the board instead of creating a demonstration that has a much more partisan agenda:

In point of fact, these people are not against Wall Street. They’re walking right past George Soros’ house and protesting outside Rupert Murdoch’s apartment. Well, you know, the name of their group isn’t “Occupy Producers Of Products We Don’t Approve Of.”

Have a look, via Fox News.

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