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22 May 2012

Good News For Romney: Team Obama Is Panicking

It's easy to tell when Democrats are in full-panic mode.

They just use more extreme rhetoric.

Take the latest line of attack against Bain Capital, for instance. Rather than recognizing that the anti-Bain strategy has been a failure, they just double-down on it and then make even more ridculous statements about the subject rather than cutting their losses.

Which leads us to James Clyburn.

Appearing on Jansing & Co. this morning, Mr. Clyburn characterized Romney's work at Bain Captial as "raping companies".

And that's how you know Romney is winning.

If there are 5 stages of grief concerning recognizing failed campaign strategies, then Democrats are still in the first stage: Denial.

They just can't believe that most Americans don't hate private equity firms as much as they do.

That is, when they're not taking cash from them.

Oh, it gets better.

Clyburn also characterized Romney's work at Bain as a "war on womeny" way of doing things.

So apparently Mr. Clyburn also didn't get the memo that the "war on women" strategy was another failure for Democrats.

The Democrats have, in fact, spiraled so low in their use of extreme rhetoric during this campaign season that we expect them, at any moment, to campaign against Republicans by saying that the GOP wants to reinstate slavery.

Don't laugh, Whoopi Goldberg went down that road in 2008.

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