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16 May 2012

'The Daily Show' Loses A Big Sponsor Over Anti-Christian Bigotry

This is how you deal with leftism and their cultural marxism.
Welcome to the era of economic boycotts.

Delta Airlines is pulling advertising from The Daily Show.

You see, The Catholic League put some pressure on Delta Airlines to pull its advertising from that show after Jon Stewart's "vagina manger" segment.

It was a supposedly comedic scene in which a naked woman was depicted with a nativity scene ornament between her legs.

And that's just hilarious, isn't it?

In case you're not aware, Jon Stewart is basically the comedic mouthpiece for the DNC. He and Colbert, anyway. They are both 21st century left-wing political cartoonists. And this "vagina manger" thing was an attempt to forward that whole "war on women" nonsense which has been handily and repeatedly debunked.

And that brings us to The Catholic League, who organized a boycott against companies that advertise on Stewart's show.

And, coincidentally, one of those advertisers has pulled its advertising. Although they say it has nothing to do with The Catholic League.

Sure. And the Pope's Jewish.

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