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23 May 2012

Is US President Barack Obama a Christian?


You asked Satan. In fact, everyone wants to know. Two news articles recently raised the question, and, in fact, answered it. First was an AP article entitled, “Obama makes rare trip to church while in Hawaii,” and, second, a Politics Daily article entitled, “Obama Tries to Reassert His Christian Bona Fides, With Words and Deeds.”

Hmmmm. . .

Question: If you have to wonder if someone is a Christian, guess what is the likely answer?

Ha ha ha ha ha. And you are probably right!

But since you asked, here is my short answer: I don’t know (for sure).

Surprised? You shouldn’t be. Unlike God (Blechhh!) I am not omniscient. I don’t know everything, and I cannot see into people’s hearts and minds and determine the state of their spiritual health. In this respect I am no different than you; I can only infer from what I see and hear.

Of course, I have much more experience judging inner conviction by outward evidence, so here is my longer answer:

For the most part I judge a man’s heart the same way God does and you should: by the fruit of his life on earth.

But I have been known to be wrong. On more than one occasion someone I felt sure I would welcome through the gates of Hell went the other way, never to be seen by me again. But more often than not I see those who appear to be religious on earth, going through all the right motions and acting the saint, only to find them come tumbling into my eternal domain, moaning and groaning and acting surprised.

Often I hear the earthly self-righteous screaming pitifully: “But Jesus, did we not prophesy in your name and in your name drive out demons and in your name perform many miracles?” It seems there are many fools who do not believe in God, and many fooled who do!

Of course, I have helped make both the fools and the fooled.

Ha ha ha ha ha.

I have spread many lies on earth about how to get to heaven. I have spread the lie that one need not be a Christian at all; there are many paths to God as long as one is good and believes in love. I have spread the lie that one “need not go to church” to be a good Christian. I have spread the lie that going to church makes one a good Christian. I have spread the lie that good works alone will get one to heaven, and calling oneself a Christian is a mere label and nothing else. I have spread the lie that belief systems that deny the deity of Christ are Christian.

Lies, lies, lies. Ha ha ha ha ha. And so many believe my lies and believe themselves to be Christians.

But the biggest lie of all is that man can make God in his own image, so that becoming a “Christian” is an exercise in semantics, where one’s self-identification as a Christian is deemed sufficient for the actual fact of being a Christian, and God otherwise is molded to be what man wishes him to be.

In fact, a Christian is a very unique being on earth. A Christian is one who has been reborn spiritually, becoming alive and free, having escaped by God’s grace from my death, sin, and destruction. That is why I hate Christians. They have experienced a supernatural work of God in their hearts, a work that I am powerless to stop and which bears fruit in one’s actions that I am equally at pains to stop.

One can fake the actions, but one can’t fake the rebirth.

Sometimes the fakers fool even me. So that is why I hesitate to declare definitively on Obama’s Christianity. But let me tell you what it looks like from my view.

I have many hundreds of years watching human beings, and watching Christians. I almost always know a true Christian. A true Christian has a humble dependence on God that is expressed unambiguously in word and deed, in public and in private. A true Christian has experienced a life-changing encounter with a living God that results in the Christian’s trading slavery to sin for slavery to righteousness; that is, a true Christian seeks to live every moment of every day in regenerated righteous obedience to God as revealed in his word, the Bible.

A true Christian is not one who merely self-identifies as one. An unregenerate self-identifier is merely a lying sinner.

A true Christian seeks to destroy my kingdom. And his words and actions make his intentions clear. I oppose true Christians at every turn, seeking to thwart their every effort at advancing God’s kingdom on earth.

Now, answer me this: would a true Christian cover up Christian symbols while speaking at a Christian university? Obama did.

Would a true Christian vote unambiguously and without apology for laws that make killing an innocent human being legal? Obama did. More than once.

Would a true Christian refer to people in communities as bitter, and as clinging to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them”? Obama did.

Would a true Christian support the homosexual political agenda, in clear opposition to Biblical Christianity? Obama does.

Would a true Christian support same-sex marriage, for example by using tax dollars to fund same-sex lifestyles? Obama did.

Would a true Christian “forget” to include the reference to a “creator” when quoting his nation’s founding document’s most famous line? Obama does. Repeatedly.

Would a true Christian “forget” his nation’s own motto of “In God We Trust” and quote a different motto instead in a major speech to Muslims? Obama did.

I could go on forever (literally!).

But think for yourself, my servants. You can see the same behavior I see. What you may lack is a clear understanding of what a Christian is.

But if you rationally juxtapose what a true Christian looks like with what Obama looks like, there is only one reasonable answer to the question “Is Obama a Christian.”

From my viewpoint, the answer is clearly no. And I back my words up with actions; I rarely find myself needing to oppose a speech, a vote, a policy, or any other action of President Obama’s.

But I have been known to be wrong.

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