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15 May 2012

If There Was A War On Women, It Looks Like The Republicans Won

You mean to tell me that leftists really thought they could win women's hearts while attacking stay-at-home moms? I guess Bill Clinton was right. Obama really is an amateur.


Remember that whole "war on women" thing? Remember how Democrats kept saying the Republicans have declared "war on women"?

If that war ever existed, then Republicans won.

Because now women support Romney over Obama 46-44.

It's true.

Guess the women surrendered.

Or maybe it was a fabricated story that Democrats shamefully used to gain a political advantage because they were terribly distressed to learn that women supported Republicans for the first time in decades during the 2010 elections and were willing to tell any lie they could, including vilifying Republicans by making them look like they didn't care about women until the whole thing blew up in their collective faces when Hilary Rosen made that stupid statement about Ann Romney never working a day in her life and then she had to apologize for it and people woke up to the reality that Democrats really don't care about women but they just want to appear to care about women because they want their votes so badly.

That's more likely.

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