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23 February 2009

Charles Warns America: If a Creationist Becomes President, the Sky Will Fall!!

Ok ok. Perhaps the title of this post was not exacly what Charles said, but, hey, reading what he believes inteligent design is, is my post really out of touch with his mindset?

You may say "Oh, but you are wrong! Surelly Charles is not advocating that the GOP rejects candidates because they trust in what the Bible says, are you?".

hmmmmm. YES, I am! According to Charles, no creationist president will ever be elected in the USA. Is this true? Is Charles right on this one? Or is he scaremongering conservatives?

Well, first of all, we must understand that, in Charles worldview, "creationist" is anyone who criticizes the belief that the living world created itself. This includes the vast majority of republicans, and perhaps a large percentage of democrats. Is Charles really saying that people who believe that God created by non-evolutionary means are not capable of leading the USA?

Oh, say it isn't soooo!

In the real world, however, things work in a diferent way. Not only the belief that the world created itself is irrelevant for science, but I am pretty much sure that most charismatic american president in the second half of the 20th century (Ronald Reagan) believed that the living world displays evidence for real design.

So if Charles is right, the GOP should have never acepted Ronnie to become a candidate. Fantastic!

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