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05 September 2008

Darwinist Admits: Tree of life Was Useful Lie To Win Over Creationists


Darwin Was Indeed Wrong but Koonin's Revolution May Not Be Novel

Shi Liu (22 October 2007) Eagle Institute of Molecular Medicine

In 1991 I already pointed out the major mistakes made by Darwin which included his assertion that all extent lives were descended from a common ancestor cell and his simple and exclusive treatment of similarity with genealogically inherited identity (1). My alternative view on the origin and evolution is that life might have independently originated from multiple acellular ancestors and that similarity among different organisms may be a reflection of non-phylogenetic formations by a common mechanism (1).

My theory treats biotic evolution as a companion process to the abiotic evolution and thus the events and history of biotic evolution should naturally reflect the abiotic course of evolution. Like the Big Bang events happened in the formation and evolution of the abiotic world, similar Big Bang events should also happen in the origin and evolution of the biotic world.

Thus, it is unfair to say if one introduced the contribution of any Big Bang event (2) to the history reconstruction of biotic evolution then he did not "exercise just a little caution" and created some "hangovers" (3). In reality, both Big Bang events and gradual events have contributed to the real history of life.

Thus, while we may still appreciate the role of Darwin in helping scientists wining a upper hand in fighting against the creationists for filling our intellectual void of understanding life's origin and evolution, we must realize that Darwin's fetal mistakes have also misled science into a dead end of fruitless search for the non-existent last common ancestor (LCA) and some useless constructions of some untruthful universal tree of life (TOL) (4-5).

Shi V. Liu
Eagle Institute of Molecular Medicine
Apex, NC 27502, USA
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