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05 December 2010

Moonbattery before destruction

It's good for a laugh when haughty Europeans (the French in particular) pooh-pooh America from the sinking ship of their spent civilization. But it's frightening too — for the same reason that graveyards are frightening. You can't help but think, Once they were as healthy as I am. Now they're decomposing. One day...

Of course, Europe isn't dead yet. But it could be on its last legs.

Prior to the Twentieth Century, Europe had been the greatest civilization in the world for hundreds of years, making unprecedented contributions to every aspect of human endeavor and laying the groundwork for the American civilization currently supplanting it. What happened to cause such a precipitous decline, from Charlemagne to Jacques Chirac?

Moonbattery is what happened.

If moonbattery is a disease, then one of its most severe symptoms is socialism, which has caused millions of deaths and incalculable economic harm in its three forms — Fascism, Communism, and the "third way" variety that cripples the economy through excessive taxation and regulation, and by discouraging work — leaving Europe enervated. An even more severe symptom is the delusion that a culture has no right to defend itself — in this way moonbattery attacks the immune system, like AIDS.

In nature, when an illness has sufficiently weakened an organism that it is no longer fit to survive, it won't for long. The same is true of nations. France, Holland, and Belgium — the canaries in the coal mine of moonbattery — exist today for the sole reason that they were rescued from extinction by the United States and Britain during World War II. But this was only a temporary reprieve.

Ten percent of the population of France now consists of Muslims. These are not the sort of immigrants America has been blessed with — who have come to this country from all over the world for the opportunities it offers, who for the most part have loved this country, and have worked hard both to assimilate and to make their own unique contributions. The Muslim immigrants in France appear to have neither love for their new country nor any intention of assimilating. They are not there to contribute to France, but to displace it. Given the respective birthrates of the immigrants, who continue to pour into the country, and the native French, there is little doubt that unless France defends itself (which it has not), they will succeed.

What stops French civilization from fighting for its life? A combination of cowardice, inability to confront reality, neurotic guilt, lack of cultural vitality, and indulgence in the self-defeating, sanctimonious nonsense that the Left prefers to morality — in a word, moonbattery.

Islamic conquest by immigration is even farther along in Holland, where people are already being killed in the street for expressing views critical of Islamofascism. When Theo Van Gogh, descendant of the great painter, was murdered for making a film that Muslims didn't like, there was a token complaint: an artist painted a mural in his neighborhood that included an ascending angel and the words "Thou Shalt Not Kill." Authorities destroyed the mural lest it offend Muslims.

It won't be long before we see women publicly stoned to death for adultery in Amsterdam. That's when we will know that Dutch culture doesn't exist anymore. Prevented by political correctness from fighting to save their country, the Dutch are responding to the situation by fleeing it.

The situation in Belgium is similar. As in France and Holland, there are those not so disoriented by moonbattery that they cannot perceive their encroaching doom. But in Western Europe, the moonbats hold the high ground. Facilitating the annihilation of their culture by Islam, they banned the country's most popular political party on the grounds that it was "racist" — indicating that in a sense, Belgium is already gone.

The situation extends beyond these three countries.

Sweden's ultraliberal asylum laws have resulted in one quarter of Malmö's population of 250,000 being Muslim. Of these, 90% are unemployed and live off government benefits. For self-defense, police cars enter some Muslim neighborhoods only in pairs.

Once a proud nation, Spain hit rock bottom when it responded to a terrorist attack that killed 200 people by electing an anti-Coalition socialist in a shameful gesture of appeasement.

I could go on.

Ironically, the Islamic culture that will finish off a Europe crippled by moonbattery is itself the withered remnant of a once great civilization. During Europe's dark ages, the Muslim world was at the pinnacle of human accomplishment. Now many of its people have degenerated into resentful barbarians, worshipping a homicidal pimp who promises to reward them with sexual favors from virgins for killing innocent civilians.

Every great culture reaches a point where it begins to decline. But for America that point does not have to come soon — not if we do our sacred duty when we encounter moonbattery by driving a stake through its putrid heart.

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