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31 December 2010

How to improve Muslim PR?

Well they could
  • Quit exterminating Bangladesh's Hindus and apologise for the 40,000,000 Hindus 'missing' from their census, ditto with Pakistan's Hindus and Christians, ditto with Christians and Jews in every Middle Eastern country where they still remain
  • Quit exterminating Sudan's blacks
  • Free the chattel slaves in Mauritania and Niger
  • Quit raping Scandinavian women at rates comparable only to sub-Saharan warzones
  • Apologise for the general epidemic of rape, crime and welfare parasitism they're responsible in all civilized nations fool enough to let them in
  • Quit fighting against efforts to raise the age of consent to over 9 across the Muslim world
  • Quit mutilating the genitals of their own daughters
  • Quit forcing them into paedophilic incestuous marriages and threatening them with death if they don't comply
  • Quit murdering people who no longer want to be part of their cult
  • Call off and apologise for the fatwas against Rushdie, Lars Vilks et al
  • Quit and apologise for the princess hissyfits they throw every time someone publicly criticises their paedo prophet and generally quit behaving like seventh century barbarians.

Or they could make a Muslim version of the Cosby show.


by Smorfia48 at December 31, 2010 8:22 AM, via Moonbattery

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