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03 December 2010

UN Warmists Pray to Mayan Goddess

Authoritarian bureauweenies are really piling on the moonbattery as they plot world domination and play in the sun at taxpayer expense in luxurious Cancun:

With United Nations climate negotiators facing an uphill battle to advance their goal of reducing emissions linked to global warming, it's no surprise that the woman steering the talks appealed to a Mayan goddess Monday.
Christiana Figueres, executive secretary of the U.N. Framework Convention on Climate Change, invoked the ancient jaguar goddess Ixchel in her opening statement to delegates gathered in Cancun, Mexico, noting that Ixchel was not only goddess of the moon, but also "the goddess of reason, creativity and weaving. May she inspire you — because today, you are gathered in Cancun to weave together the elements of a solid response to climate change, using both reason and creativity as your tools."

In her heyday, Ixchel was worshiped at the Lord and Lady Begin to Dance Festival:

During this Mayan festival in the honor of Ixchel: the goddess of the Moon, beehives, fertility, medicine and weaving, a beautiful young woman was chosen by craftsmen and artisans to represent the goddess. This young woman was sacrificed by the priests and flayed.
Her skin was worn by a man who sat at a loom and pretended to weave, while the craftsmen danced around him in animal costumes. The ceremony was then completed when the worshippers engaged in bloodletting and then had a ritual bath.

How multicultural.

The totalitarian moonbats doggedly pushing the moth-eaten global warming hoax tend to despise Christianity, but they have no trouble bowing their heads to a goddess in whose name savages performed human sacrifices — symbolizing their eagerness to sacrifice us to their own false religion, Envirostatism.

Ixchel: Now taking prayers from UN moonbats.

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