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05 December 2010

Communism Is The Religion Of the Godless


The basic concept of Communism is that the idea of God is irrelevant and only to be "tolerated" as an accommodation to those of "low mentality". That explains the contempt that the Left has for Christians or right-wing nuts as we are routinely described. It explains the elitist mentality of our Communist-in-Chief, who had the unmitigated gall to say that America is not a Christian nation. Communism and communist deny the existence of any form of deity, believing that only matter in motion is eternal and the only divinity is a directive force inherent in matter which is why they worship the Earth. These Leftist worship the "created things" rather than the Creator.

Yes, I maintain that communism is the religion of the Godless and it even has it's own plan of salvation which is Utopia. The Communist vainly believes that he'll transform the heart of man by providing for all of man's material needs for him. Think back to October 31, 2008 when then President Elect Barack Obama proclaimed before an enthusiastic congregation crowd "We are five days away from fundamentally transforming America". Which read to the sychophantic drones as "our help" "our saviour" has come.

Communist even have a doctrine of conversion...indoctrinate the youth. In fact our colleges and universities are veritable alters of conversion. I can tell you that for me that was the case as an undergraduate. I was Godless and wanted and in point of fact sought out righteousness, goodness and justice as long as no diety was involved. Communism was perfect.

Communists also have a standard of consecration, and self-discipline. It was Lenin who said, "Few and better." and "We won't accept into membership anybody with any reservations whatsoever. We won't accept into our membership anyone unless he is an active, disciplined, working member in one of our organizations." Now remember Michelle Obama saying "Barack will require you to work". Have you noticed how the state run media has begun to call Americans "workers"?

It's a shame that drones are so busy protecting and defending the "first black president" that they are complete oblivious to the forces at play in our nation.

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