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07 December 2010

Obama: Dumb down the tests for minorities

Via Moonbattery

The Obama Justice Department Civil Rights Division announced last week that it is suing the state of New Jersey over a police examination that it claims discriminates against African-American and Hispanic candidates.

The exam, a written test that New Jersey police officers must pass in order to advance to the rank of sergeant, quizzes candidates on state and local laws.

Sounds like a reasonable tool for testing law enforcement officers.

White officers pass the New Jersey test at a rate of 89 percent, as opposed to 77 percent of Hispanic candidates and 73 percent of African-American candidates.

Obviously, the test is at fault. /sarc If you think that anyone of any race who studies hard and prepares for the test can pass it, you must be some kind of right-wing Neanderthal.

The DOJ is demanding that New Jersey "to find a more equitable means of testing potential police sergeants." In other words, they want the process dumbed down, perhaps so that even negroes who aren't light-skinned and can't speak without a "negro dialect" can pass it.


It's good to be a Token.

The Obama Administration intends to aggressively pursue these types of "disparate impact" lawsuit, where business owners and state agencies following perfectly legal and legitimate practices can be legally terrorized by the DOJ for not meeting racial or other quotas.

But, hey, where's the harm, you know? Forcing businesses and local governments to hire under-qualified minorities isn't much different than forcing banks to give mortgages to minorities who couldn't repay them. And that didn't cause any problems, did it?

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