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08 November 2010

Religious North Dakota and Economic Sucess

In a few years from now, if North Dakota gets infested with atheism, atheists will claim that the economic sucess of the place owes itself to their religious worldview, just like they claim the same for the economic sucess of nothern european nations.

Conservative North Dakota still has the lowest rate of unemployment in the United States. The state unemployment rate is 3%.[1]

Another positive aspect of North Dakota is that according to a CUNY 2000 religious survey, it appeared to have the lowest per capita number of atheists in the United States (people who answered "no religion" on a survey).[2]

The Bible declares, "The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want" (Psalm 23:1). North Dakota, which contains plenty of Conservative Christians, certainly seems to be a shining example of this Bible verse. North Dakota has more churches per capita than any state in the United States.[3]

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