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01 November 2010

The 111th: The Most Disonest Congress in American History

From Moonbattery

Americans will know how to vote for decades to come if we remember the 111th Congress, as explained at Hot Air. Highlights:

The 111th Congress began by dropping a trillion dollars in debt on the American taxpayer. The money disappeared in a wild spending spree, buying $2 million jobs in Los Angeles, and evaporating into nonexistent zip codes. Billions of dollars remain clogged in the filthy pipes of government, producing nothing but more debt through accumulated interest payments. Much of the "stimulus" money was used to pump lard into government payrolls, creating useless jobs that vanished as soon as the taxpayer subsidies ran dry. The President recently admitted that the stated reason for appropriating this vast sum of money, the creation of "shovel-ready jobs," was an outright lie.
Government payrolls, are the only thing that expanded during the past session of Congress. Public sector jobs multiplied like a virus, and the number of six-figure government employees skyrocketed. Meanwhile, real unemployment in the private sector - including seasonal adjustments, long-term discouraged workers, and the underemployed - hit 22% nationwide. The lights burned bright and merry in the plush offices of K Street lobbying firms, while the rest of the economy slid into darkness. …
The 111th congress stank with the corruption of Christopher Dodd, Jack Murtha, Maxine Waters, Charlie Rangel, and Harry Reid. The ruling Party made it clear that it would go to any lengths to protect its worst members from investigation and punishment. The agenda of this Congress was conducted behind closed doors, or slipped like poison into the legislative bloodstream, to escape the notice of the American people. Fat bailouts for loyal union allies were hidden inside bills that were supposed to fund the military. Nobody knew what this Congress was really voting on... including members of Congress, who didn't bother to read the bills anyway. …
Of course, this is the Congress that shoved ObamaCare down our throats. Drafted in secret, hidden behind fraudulent cost estimates, and understood by none of the people who voted on it, ObamaCare is the most shocking dereliction of Congressional duty in recent history. Its architects flirted openly with violating the Constitution to inflict it upon us through reconciliation, before they managed to buy enough votes with our money. It has already destroyed thousands of jobs, and inflicted painful new costs on hapless workers who thought their health insurance was supposed to get cheaper.
The passage of ObamaCare shattered the myth of the "moderate Democrat" for a generation. Every one of them is an accomplice to this radical offense against the American people. Private comments from Congressional representatives made it clear they knew exactly what they were doing to us. They saddled us with a system designed to fail, and pave the way for something even worse: single-payer socialized medicine.
Faced with electoral destruction at the hands of an enraged populace, the Democrats of the 111th Congress spent their last days calling the voters stupid and insane. They scurried out of town without even passing a budget, leaving a recessionary economy tied to the ticking bomb of the expiring Bush tax cuts.
Remember the arrogance. Remember the cowardice. Remember the ugly hatred of middle-class America. Remember the sheer blind stupidity of those who demand the power to write our destiny, when they're not yelping in surprise at the latest piece of "unexpected" economic news.

Progressives have gotten away with rewriting history before, convincing many that National Socialists were ideological brethren to small-government conservatives, that FDR ended the Great Depression by dragging it out for a decade, and even that Woodrow Wilson was anything better than a fascist dictator. Don't let them do it again. Never forget what Barack Obama and the 111th Congress have done to this country, or similar people will inflict even more damage in the future.

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