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26 November 2010

Liberty in the UK

It is long past time for Britain to move from euroskepticism to exiting the European Union:
THE Daily Express today becomes the first national newspaper to call for Britain to leave the European Union. From this day forth our energies will be directed to furthering the cause of those who believe Britain is Better Off Out.

The famous and symbolic Crusader who adorns our masthead will become the figurehead of the struggle to repatriate British sovereignty from a political project that has comprehensively failed.

After far too many years as the victims of Brussels larceny, bullying, over-regulation and all-round interference, the time has come for the British people to win back their country and restore legitimacy and accountability to their political process.
Here is to the Daily Telegraph, the Sun, and other major British newspapers soon following suit. The European Union is an anti-democratic, anti-human liberty, totalitarian institution that is the realization of Napoleon's dream. Like Napoleon's empire, it will collapse, and the sooner Britain is out of it, the better.

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