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20 November 2010

Another Leftist Terrorist Arrested: Radical Vegan Torched Sheepskin Business

Another leftist terrorist–

Walter Edmund Bond, a vegan (see neck), bragged about torching the sheepskin business on the internet.

ATF agents reported that when arrested Bond was carrying in his knapsack a tract entitled Declaration of War: Killing People to Save the animals and the Environment The ATF alleges his copy was subtitled: Strike a Match, Light a Fuse, We Only Have the Earth to Lose.

Reuters reported, via Free Republic:

A self-described animal-rights activist known on the Internet as “Lone Wolf” pleaded guilty in federal court on Thursday to arson in a fire that destroyed a local sheepskin business.

Walter Edmund Bond, 34, admitted in U.S. District Court to setting the fire that burned the Sheepskin Factory to the ground on April 30, 2010. The store sold sheepskin blankets, rugs and related products.

Authorities were led to Bond after an informant told them Bond — who called himself “Lone Wolf” on the Internet and has the word “Vegan” tattooed in his neck in large letters — bragged on an animal rights web site that he “torched” the business.

“Be warned that making a living from the use and abuse of animals will not be tolerated,” Bond allegedly wrote on the web site.

FBI Special Agent in Charge James Davis said in a statement that federal authorities will aggressively investigate “ideologically driven” violent crimes.

“Our priority with acts of terrorism remains to be proactive and preventative. But when acts do occur, they will be pursued to justice,” Davis said.

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