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21 September 2013

Is Obama still a muslim?

Regarding Obama's bow to the Saudi King, I posted extensive information, including from a highly respected expert, Prof.Daniel Pipes, who is not from the lunatic fringe, that confirms the following:

- FACT: Obama was born to a Muslim father. In the eyes of Muslims (!), that makes him a Muslim. I'm NOT saying that I approve of this. In fact, I find it an abysmal custom. A child does not follow an ideology. If someone wants to be religious, he or she should decide so as an adult. But that's not the issue. This is about how MUSLIMS perceive him.

- FACT: Soetoro, his adoptive father was a Muslim, too. Obama lived in Indonesia and was registered as a Muslim. He was sent to a Quranic school instead of a Christian one, which would have happened if he had been registered as a Christian. NOT DISPUTED. It's even mentioned in Obama's own book (whether he wrote it or not!)

- FACT: He never officially declared apostasy, hence for all Muslims, he is still a Muslim, even if he claims to be Christian. Muslims will see this as a ruse. As long as he does not commit apostasy, he is a Muslim for other Muslims.

- FACT: He does call the Quran a "holy" book. He mentioned "my Muslim faith" in an interview - what is called a Freudian slip. A careless statement that reveals what you are really thinking. The journalist had to correct him. cf. YouTube video of the interview.

- FACT: His policies have clearly favored the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and Ennahada in Tunisia, intentionally or not.

- FACT: He was tutored by a radical, card-carrying communist who supported the USSR and Maoist China.

Now you can say whatever you want, but you CAN NOT say that it is a "conspiracy theory" that he was raised by Marxists and Muslims. That's established. Whether he still supports those ideologies or not is completely different issue. If he had turned against them, we'd probably have heard about it. People who clearly oppose their parents' values usually make that very clear, which he did not.

His policies show that he is definitely on the left. Left-wing policies are high taxes on "the rich" and extensive government control over everything. But the left have a tradition of stealing for themselves and their political allies out of the big tax honey pot. That's because they are hypocrites, but that doesn't mean that they won't implement socialist policies or that they won't be harmful.


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