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08 September 2013

Black man attacks white people shouting "I hate white people!"

A violent, racially-charged attack happened in New York City’s Union Square this Wednesday. One man was left brain dead as a result of the attack.

The suspect is 31-year-old Lashawn Marten, a black man who repeatedly yelled, “I hate white people.” He vowed to attack white people on the streets — that is what he did.

One witness said Marten declared, “The next white person who walks by I’m going to f**k.”

Then he attacked multiple white people on the street who he did not know.

A witness who shot the attack on video said it was completely random. See the shocking video on Instagram here (http://instagram.com/p/d2XJJ_y9KW).

Three men were injured as a result from the attack. One of those men, 62-year-old Jeffery Babbitt, was punched especially hard; he fell to the ground. Witnesses heard his skull crack as it hit the pavement.

Babbitt was eventually brought to the hospital, where it was determined that he is now braid dead.

Here are some images from the attack, posted on Twitter by one witness:

1. http://www.mrconservative.com/files/2013/09/2013.09.07-mrconservative-522b598a4615f.png

2. http://www.mrconservative.com/files/2013/09/2013.09.07-mrconservative-522b596c643af.png

Babbitt is in the hospital, currently in a coma. His 92-year-old mother is there with him, hoping for the best.

At this time, police are treating this vile attack as a hate crime.

Source: http://ow.ly/oFzIQ

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It takes a lot of time to civilize barbarians. Here in Europe, the culturally superior Romans spent centuries before the conquered nations could act in a much more civilized manner. For sure, the Romans had their own barbaric rites too (like leaving female babies to die in the wilderness) but they were much superior than the Gaulic or Germanic Tribes they overcame. While the Romans and the Hellenized world was discussing Philosophy and creating great works of art, other Tribes in central and northern Europe were busy doing other less-culturally-advanced activities.

When it comes to Africans, it's absurdly obvious that their culture is inferior than the White European culture. In terms of cultural evolution, it would take centuries to civilize them in ways midly similar to White European culture. The problem we have in Europe is that we are told that it's "racism" to consider one culture better than the other, and that all cultures have their "beauty" and their "merits". 

This is wrong at all levels.

First, culture superiority is not racism but a self-evident CULTURAL fact.

Secondly, there's nothing wrong in saying that European culture is superior. In fact, everyone knows this and its because of this belief that every single minority in the world would rather live in European cultures (like the ones in Europe and the USA) rather than in non-European culture. 

You don't migrate to a place where you think your life will be worse. You pick your bags and move to Europe because you believe your life will be better here.

Speaking of the incident at hand, the tragedy of it it's not only that a culturally inferior African spread his racism in broad daylight in a European-ish place, but that his actions will be "justified" with the same marxist rethoric of "opression" and "white guilt" or whatever. 

Protected classes ("victim" groups) can do no wrong. Non-protected classes can do no good. Within cultural marxism, whites, heteresexuals, males, Christians, patriots, nationalists, traditionalists have no protection at all. On the other hand, blacks, homossexuals, militant atheists (not to be confused with classical atheists), hispanics, leftist women and everyone else, is free to do whatever they wish since they know their deeds will be seen as "revolt against the opression".

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