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27 September 2013

Feminists Are Wrong — True Gender Equality Would Be a Nightmare

Skilled specialists should get paid accordingly, irrespective of gender. Talented students should get admittance to higher education according to their abilities and potential, irrespective of gender.

I welcome the developments of the last 50 years that narrowed the inequality gap between men and women. Yet the byproducts of these developments — namely the socio-cultural changes they brought — have been most deplorable, as they break thousands of years of existing traditions and threaten to create a new genderless society where gender identities would be erased.

It has become fashionable of late to preach that our gender identities — those of men and women — are largely created by the society and mainly consist of stereotypes and clichés. While there may certainly be some truth to that, we need to ask ourselves a question: Why do we need to destroy these gender identities? The whole beauty of our society is that men and women are inherently different, not just biologically, but socially and cognitively as well. This constitutes the notion of family.

What would be the society where men were more feminine and women more masculine? It would be a genderless nightmare where there would be no stability and no progress, no love and no art. The fundamental law of physics dictates that positive charge attracts the negative one.

By letting men become fragile, emotional and submissive and accepting the culture of women who would be strong, dominant, and promiscuous, we risk creating a society of complete equilibrium, characterised by lack of energy. The state of complete neutrality and lack of motion.

It is strong men, of tough body or sharp intelligence, who have historically led society towards progress and realization of the post-modernity we are living in. It is loving and devoted women whose support in raising children and taking care of their husbands was indispensable for enduring stability and progress of societies.

This harmony of opposite genders has maintained stability in our society. Wars, revolutions, and societal changes occurred, but so long as the traditional gender roles remained intact, there was no fundamental threat to our society.

Art, the whole cultural heritage of mankind, exists within the framework highlighting the difference of genders. Literature, music, films, paintings, and sculptures emphasize the bravery of men and gentleness of women. Hercules and Aphrodite, the Three Graces and David, Othello and Desdemona, d’Artagnan and Lady Winter, Napoleon and Josephine, Sean Connery and Marilyn Monroe — all works of art from antiquity through to modern days are inspired by the difference between men and women.

This is why the stance taken by feminists is destructive. They are trying and succeeding at destroying the most important expectation from women: the expectation of morality. The so-called “liberation of women” has done little more than to say that is it normal for women to act disgracefully: to act like a prostitute, not to care about the household and family, and to indulge themselves in vices of men.

It is certainly shameful if a man gets drunk, sleeps around, or acts irresponsibly towards his family. Yet it is more shameful when a woman does so, precisely because women are the child-bearers and the morals and values they have will be passed onto their children. Men, as risk-takers, shelter-protectors and food-providers, can in the process of fulfilling these duties get rough and divert from what is moral.

This is where women, the moral-keepers, the hearth of the house, come in. They restore the inner balance in men, making sure men will not turn into savages. If women lose their morals completely, the society will descend into the state of animals.

The point of this article is not to offend women in any way, but to send a message to those who are nearly subverted by feminist thought:

Girls, we guys may smoke, swear, drink, fight, and sleep around — but your disapproving look will make us ashamed. If you, however, decide to smoke, swear, drink, fight, and sleep around as well, what will happen to our society? Who will we look up to? Who will our children look up to?

Yes, we love it when you make us sandwiches, but it is not because “your place is in the kitchen, woman!” It's simply because we are lazy bastards. And we are always grateful to you for your care.

We love you because you are not like us. Because you are different. Because you are better.

Please don’t give in to the feminist discourse. Do become CEOs or engineers if you really want to, but don’t let your career make you forget that you are a woman, a mother, a wife. Don’t throw away the gender identities and don’t endanger our society by trying to change it. Let us men handle that.

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There is a balance in nature, and that balance exists for a reason.

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