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14 November 2011

Why leftists want to take away your guns

Saw this comment somewhere, but I forgot where. If anyone knows who said it, please let me know so that I can put a reference.

Of course, all of this begs the bigger question: why is the Left so determined to circumvent the 2nd Amendment, to essentially disarm the American populace? The statistics the Left is so fond of citing when promoting their pet causes don’t support their argument for more restrictive gun laws.

Those cities with the greatest restrictions on gun ownership and carry are those with the greatest gun crime rates.

The Left isn’t invested in this issue to save lives. They’re in it because guns are not just symbols of power. Guns are power.

They know if, for example, a certain far-left Democratic Administration attempted to suspend elections in order to, say, maintain majorities in Congress, millions of private citizens with the means to resist would ensure those elections took place, one way or the other.

The American Left is authoritarian and elitist to the core. They envy the technocrats of Beijing and the bureaucrats of Brussels, who can make sweeping, top-down policy decisions unhindered by a pesky, know-nothing electorate.

So no, these aren’t the traditional Truman or JFK Democrats who actually loved freedom and hated socialism.

These are old-school Reds, and if they’re willing to engineer the murder of over 200 people (and counting), they’re capable of anything.

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