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26 November 2011

How feminism-indoctrinated women honor the troops


@ Roosh and everyone

I’m a bit late to the commentary, but here goes. Please feel free to reprint and comment on this. American Women on average are horrible people. Not all of them, and certainly there are horrible outliers as well as wonderful outliers. There are good and bad men too.

However, men are much more likely to pay for thier own sins and shortcomings as well as women’s sins and shortcomings. Women on average don’t pay for thir shortcomings and sins as much as men and often men pay for them whether they want to or not.

I’m a 43 year old White Gentile man raise Christian & Catholic, and am an U.S. Army Veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan. I have real horror stories about American women as a result. Hold on to your seats and try not to cry as you read this long but necessarry post by me. these women were extreme outliers in a bad way, but they illustrate what is wrong with American Women and Western women and civilized East Asian Women too to one degree or way or another.

I had to console a friend of mine from another battalion because his friend committed suicide. He wanted to kill his dead friend’s wife and sobbed all night in Iraq. I warned him not to kill her on his return as he would be among the first for the police to look for even though his friend’s wife deserved it in my opinion.

His friend was on his third deployment to Iraq, and we were on our first. His friend made a Dear John telephone call to ask why she was taking (stealing) his money only to find out that she wanted to leave him and was impregnated by a neighbor civilian “friend”(disgusting as that sounds to say-with friends like that who needs enemies). He sobbed why.

She told him to kill himself so she could recieve $800,000 dollars in military life insurance. He walked into a portapotty, put an M-16 rifle to his head, and committed suicide. Members of his battalion were devastated as he was very popular and well loved. I knew him barely as an acquaintaince, but was a friend of a friend.

Then there were the threats of suicide including someone in my battalion who walked up to the battalion commander, a lieutenant colonel, pulled out his M-9 handgun unless he was allowed to go home because although he was without children and his wife was not impregnated by someone else, the same otherwise was happening to him. Many in the brigade threaten suicide.

My fellow battalion soldier went home and was chaptered out for mental illness during his second deployment.

Then in Afghanistan, a Sergeant and Non Commimision Officer in charge of one of my friends made plans to go home on Rest and Recuperation Leave(vacation or holiday) to visit his divorced wife’s home and his only child and beloved daughter for her 3rd birthday. His wife had hooked up with Mr.Thug Life while taking the Sergeant’s money for child support.

Mr. Thug Life was known to be physically and emotionally abusive to the daughter. The Sergeant returned a week before the girl’s 3rd birthday on emergency leave because Mr. Thug Life killed the daughter.

The Sergeant’s Company Commander, a Captain, and Non Commisioned Officer in charge of his company, a First Sergeant, told the Sergeeant he could stay home if he wanted to. the sergeant returned and his Company Commander and First Sergeant were bewildered and upset with him.

His response was that there was nothing for him at home except his only beloved child and daughter who hadn’t even made it to her third birthday lying dead six feet in the ground.

He would rather deal with war and be around his comarades. He stayed the rest of the deployment until it was time to go home. He was a happy man until his daughter’s death through and through.

Afterwards, even though he smiled and laughed you could still see the never ending extreme sadness and horror in him. His soldiers including my friend regarded him as a ticking time bomb for mental break down even though he never unecessarily lashed out.

Then of course there was the soldier in my company who had a baby with his wife and she sent him streaming videos via internet of her having sex with other men while his baby son was in the house while I was in Iraq, and this man was 6 feet 5 inches and 250 pounds.

Then while I was in Afghanistan, there was a soldier whom returned home on leave to find the boyfriend, lover and sex partner of his wife in a house he was renting. There are other such stories which are not as horrible too.

The Army and Marine Corps. is a mess because of misandry and it is eating them alive. the Divorce rates are 75% and 70% respectively. The sucide rates are at all time highs and rising in the Army and Marine Corps. Over 70% of the sucides are because a man’s wife or girlfriend is leaving him while deployed to a war zone.

She is almost always taking the kids if there are any and quite often (most of the time) depleting (legally stealing) his bank accounts too. She often enough cheating on him.

This is your American woman. Western and Civilized East Asian women are either just as bad or not too far behind. Afghan Muslim Taliban laws are too good for some, but not all of them. Marriage 1.0 needs to be restored with improvements if our civilization is to be saved, and this may not be enough.

Taliban marriage laws are remarkably similar to Ancient Jewish laws and I call them Marriage 0.5. christianity adopted them and made them into Marriage 1.0. Even under Taliban or Jewish law a man is not allowed to kill his wife without sufficient reason and the government is usually the one to do it if they do it at all.

Marriage 0.0 is the Ancient Roman Republic. Enforced monagamy with a man only being able to have one wife and everyone ignoring a husbands whoring or adultry was accepted in practice but frowned upon. Wives commiting adultry was totally unacceptable.

There was also the matter of Pater Potentas, Father’s Power. A Husband and father had a right to kill his wife, children, slaves and freed slaves without reason. The government could not stop him. He could even do this in theory to an adult son with a family of his own and was elected to the Highest government office of Consul at least in theory. He could also kill his grandchildren or great grandchildren alonf with their wives, slaves and freed slaves.

There was a reason why Rome Conquered the Jewsd and not the other way around and although enforced monagamy and Pater Potentas weren’t the only reasons, they were crucial. By the Empire the Romans moved to Marriage 0.5 and their empire fell.

I would rather gor back to Marriage 1.0 with updates than Marriage 0.0 as I would hate to be a woman in those circimstances and as emotionally, morally appalled by it as a Christian Roman Catholic, but some American women are really asking for it.

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