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06 February 2011

California School Drops Prohition Against Christian Song

Christianity is not quite illegal yet, not even in California public schools:

Los Angeles Unified School District officials announced Tuesday that they will no longer prohibit a 5th-grade student from performing to a Christian song at a Feb. 4 elementary school talent show. Alliance Defense Fund attorneys had filed a request for a temporary restraining order earlier in the day against the district, following their filing of a lawsuit against district officials on Friday.
The principal of Superior Street Elementary School had told the student's mother that the song "We Shine" was "offensive," allegedly violated the so-called "separation of church and state," and suggested that her child pick a song that "does not say 'Jesus' so many times."

Offensive can be defined as "targeted for repression by liberals." When an educrat like SSES Principal Jerilyn Schubert blathers piously about the "separation of church and state," she is probably attempting to refer to the First Amendment — which ironically upholds the very freedom of religion she was trying to squash.

Fortunately, the mother didn't take it lying down:

The concerned parent replied to Schubert by explaining that the song represents her child — who personally selected the song and practiced for months — and not the school, and that there were no restrictions on what students could perform in the show. Schubert then asserted that other students performing songs with profane and vulgar lyrics were also told to select different songs, in essence equating religious lyrics with profanity and vulgarity.

In the end the educrats backed down, muttering as they slunk back to their holes that they would let it go this time because talent show attendance isn't mandatory.

Finally a kid has learned something in a public school. When they push you, push back. It works.

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