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10 February 2011

Anti-Christian school principal crumbles when faced with lawsuit


You've got to confront these types. They'll make their own laws if you let them.
"It’s the same old song, out in California – a Christian child being discouraged from participating in a school talent show because the lyrics he wants to share celebrate Jesus Christ.

The show was held at Superior Street Elementary School in Los Angeles, and scheduled in the evening, outside school hours. No students were required to attend, and no restrictions were placed on the content of whatever songs those participating might elect to perform.

Several days after the January auditions, though, Superior Street Principal Jerilyn Schubert notified the 5th-grader’s mother that her son would not be allowed perform to the song, “We Shine” because of its religious message – a message the principal said she considered to be “offensive” and a violation of the “separation of church and state.”

The boy’s mother pointed out that audiences would understand that the song was her child’s choice, not the school’s … adding that he had personally selected the song and had been practicing it for months. She reminded the principal that no restrictions had been placed on musical content.

The principal, in turn, explained that other students who had selected songs with profane and vulgar lyrics had been told to select different material … the implication being that lyrics celebrating God were somehow equivalent to profanity and vulgarity. Finally, the true problem emerged: “Couldn’t he pick a song that doesn’t say ‘Jesus’ so many times?” the principal asked.

Of course he could – but he shouldn’t have to do so. Which was exactly the point made in a lawsuit filed against the Los Angeles Unified School District on January 28 by the Alliance Defense Fund, along with allied attorney Daniel R. Watkins, and reaffirmed in a request for a temporary restraining order filed on February 2.

After being served with the TRO, district officials suddenly changed their tune, announcing that the student would be allowed to perform to “We Shine” at the February 4 talent show after all.


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