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08 June 2012

Not Supposed To Happen: Dems Are Leaving The Party Over Social Issues

Oh no! The narrative has been violated!

The lamestream media, in its attempt to prop up the Democratics as much as possible, frequently "reports" that the Republican Party is just too "extreme".

And by "extreme", they mean that the party caters to the religious right by opposing abortion and gay marriage.

And, as a result of this "extremism", people are reluctant to identify themselves as Republicans. And some even leave the party.

But now we get a report of people leaving the Democratic Party precisely because of its extremism.

Hey, who would have ever thought the publicly supporting gay marriage, while disregarding Biblical commandments strongly condemning homosexuality, might somehow alienate Bible-belt Democrats?

And who knew that telling Catholic employers that they must offer insurance plans that cover abortion-inducing drugs might somehow irritate Catholic people and cause them to leave the party?

Mandating coverage for abortion-inducing drugs? Yeah, that's extreme.

But the barking moonbats in the lamestream media would have you believe that the Republicans are extreme.

The fact of the matter is this: The "family values" crowd is the mainstream.

But we're pretty happy that the Democrats haven't figured that out yet.

Because it will cost them votes.


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