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08 June 2012

Media Manipulation – Political Correctness and Cultural Marxism Exposed


Kyle Rogers from Examiner.Com deserves major credit for having the fortitude and courage to track, investigate, research and write about something the media refuses to discuss. Hate Crimes. Specifically, Black Hate Crimes. Kyle even assembles an interactive map of the known hate crimes from the month of May. This is a must read for any Truth Seeker willing to confront the rabid and insufferable culture of political correctness.

Over the past couple years major media bosses have publicly admitted to censoring black crime. Editors from the LA Times, Chicago Tribune, Washington Post, New York Times, and the Associated Press have all publicly confessed to censoring black crime. Recently I’ve personally been able to obtain statements from two media outlets admitting they have a policy of censoring black crime. This includes the Newark Star-Ledger and WYFF, the Greenville, SC NBC affiliate.

This censorship is all about politicizing the news. In 2007 the LA Times made an official statement saying that accurately reporting crime would “unfairly stigmatize racial groups.” In other words, politically correctness trumps public safety. This censorship is most blatant when the crime involves a black perpetrator and a white victim. Especially if racial hatred was a motive.

Since the media frenzy over Trayvon Martin, there have been a few sizable public scandals over the censorship of black on white crime. A few major media outlets have discussed the censorship of black on white crime including World Net Daily, The Blaze, Daily Caller, Rush Limbaugh, and Bill O’Reilly. However, as I am about to show you, the censorship has not slowed down.

for an interactive map CLICK HERE

The month of May appears to have been a particularly bad month for black on white crime. The most shocking examples are two major crimes committed in foreign countries by black American’s working overseas.

A white Irish tourist was murdered after attending an American rap concert in Japan. Two black Americans working for the tour have been arrested. James Blackston, the main suspect, is a backup dancer for Nicki Minaj. An employee of the tour videotaped the backup dancer menacing elderly Japanese people on a train the day before the concert. The murder was a major news story in Japan and Ireland, but not the United States.

Four days after the murder in Japan, black members of the US Airforce participated in a racial mob attack on some white Australian soldiers outside a bar in Sydney. Video shows seven or more black men assaulting three white men. One of the attackers is using his belt as a whip. Two of the perps were arrested at the scene and discovered to be members of the US Airforce.

It seems that black on white crime is so widespread and common that the US is actually exporting it to foreign countries.

Two particularly heinous public murders occurred in London, England. On May 20th, a large black mob viciously attacked a father and son at random in a crowded area. The son was beaten to death. On May 9th, a black mob pursued a white family as they left a tavern. The father was stabbed to death in front of his daughter on her birthday. In both cases, there is no doubt that racial hatred was the sole motivation for the murders. Racially motivated violence against white people is not limited to the United States. It is common in Britain and Western Europe as well.

I found numerous black on white murders that occurred during the month of May, where little if anything was stolen. In each case, the murder was a thrill killing in which the victim was probably targeted because they were white.

In Dallas, TX, Portland, OR, and Santa Cruz, CA, very attractive white females were stabbed to death in public places by black males. All three were random. In Schereville, IL another very attractive white female was attacked at random and strangled to death right in front of her apartment. In Jonestown, MS, a rural all black village, a white nun was the victim of a near fatal stabbing. She had been helping the local black community for decades and someone stabbed her for the fun of it.

In Atlantic City, NJ a black female fatally stabbed two Asian women in a thrill killing. She laughed about the killings in court.

In northwestern Mississippi, a black suspect was arrested for murdering two whites at random. Police believe the suspect would have continued killing more white people if he not been caught. If the races had been reversed, this would have been a major national news story. Instead it was just a local Mississippi story.

When an American Indian and a white accomplice killed three blacks in Tulsa, it was the biggest news story in the entire Western world. I talked to one woman who watched it on the news in Finland. Ask yourself why the racially motivated killings of two white people by a black man is only a minor local story.

There was a particularly cruel attempted murder in Garland, TX that would have been the biggest news story in the North America had the races been reversed. A black man robbed a gas station. After getting the money, he doused the 76 year old white female clerk with gasoline and set her fire. The woman was horrifically burned and almost died. The perp torched her purely for the fun of it. The media aggressively censored this heinous crime. It only received minor local coverage and most outlets censored the race of the victim.

Young white males were shot and killed, at random while sitting in their cars, by black males in Kannapolis, NC and St. Louis, MO. In Kansas City, MO a sixty year old white man was shot at random, while jogging, by two black male suspects. Another young white man asked a black man for directions near Atlanta, Georgia. Police say the black man shot and killed him for the fun of it. Another US soldier was killed at random by two black suspects near Fort Campbell, KY.

In Smyrna, GA a white Marine Corps veteran was invited to an all black party by a co-worker. After he got there, he was chased out and beaten to death by a black mob. If the races had been reversed, this would be made of tv movie material. Instead it was only a tiny blip in the local news.

The month of May also saw widespread racially motivated mob attacks against white people. Baltimore, Newark, and New York City saw multiple attacks each. There were also mob attacks in Denver, CO, Coral Springs, FL, Sacramento, CA, Tampa Bay, FL, and Saint Louis, MO.

You can rest assured that many more violent black on white crimes occurred in the month of May that were not mentioned in this article. Ask yourself how many of these victims would have received national media attention if they were black and the perpetrator was white?

It is time to put real pressure on the so-called “mainstream” media to accurately report crime. US Attorney General Eric Holder says that white people who won’t talk about race are “cowards.” So let’s give Holder what he wants and start speaking up. (visit article)

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