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24 October 2011

Solid majority of americans agree with #OWS. All 37% of them.


In other words, the so-called “99%” are solidly in the minority.

But hey, that didn’t stop the AP from acting as if this poll is good news or something for the Occupy Wall Street (bowel) movement.

WASHINGTON (AP) – More than one-third of the country supports the Wall Street protests, and even more—58 percent—say they are furious about America’s politics.

The number of angry people is growing as deep reservoirs of resentment grip the country, according to the latest Associated Press-GfK poll.

Some 37 percent of people back the protests that have spread from New York to cities across the country and abroad, one of the first snapshots of how the public views the “Occupy Wall Street” movement. A majority of those protest supporters are Democrats, but the anger about politics in general is much more widespread, the poll indicates.

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“Some 37%”? I guess it’ll be party time if they ever manage to crack 40%. Maybe this vaguely familiar-looking former MSNBC buffoon will push them over the top.

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