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28 October 2011

Man Up! Chinese Elementary School Encourages Boys To Be More Masculine

"And may their first child be a masculine child."

Luca Brasi famously made this wish for Don Corleone's daughter on her wedding day in "The Godfather," and now an elementary school in China is hoping to turn its male students into manly men.

That's right -- there's no "getting in touch with your feminine side" at Qinlinglu Elementary School in Zhengzhou, Henan province, which has launched an initiative called "Looking for a Real Man." As part of the program, boys take an oath to act like "real men," the Dahe Daily reports.

"In the home, mothers tend to be in charge of child care. Also, China's one child policy makes parents overly protective and inclined to spoil their child," says headmaster Cao Jianping, who says he plans to hire more male teachers to give the boys stronger role models.

As for the girls, they're already tough, according to teacher Wang Jianhua.

"They not only like physical fighting, but also are quite straight-forward and have strong characters," he says.

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