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25 April 2011

Someone doesn't like the truth

I had to put my reply in here because the owner of the original blog doesn't like the facts about the close relationship between the homossexual behaviour and pedophilia. People have been brainwashed so well that the mear mention that there is something wrong about that behaviour makes them shake in their boots.


Max the Cat, I guess you banned me, but here goes:
Why wouldn’t I? You’re just the sort of person I was speaking to. Ignorant of the facts.
The fact clearly show the disproportional presence of homossexuals among child offenders, both inside churches and outside churches. Cardinal Bartone says that inside the churches, homossexuals are about 80% of child offenders.

Homossexuals are about 2%/5% of the society but responsible for close to 30% of child abuse. Why do you think that happens? These are facts, mate.
I don't have an irrational fear of homossexuals.
So full of hate for gay people that you’re clinging to an old wives tale that has been debunked by scientists long ago.
No, it hasn't. The best data shows that homossexuals are disproportionally represented in child abuse cases. It doesn't mean that all homossexuals are child abusers.

You won't accept the data bkz its goes against what you have been told to believe, but you can't ignore science when it clashes with your worldview.
Are there pedophiles who happen to be Gay – sure there are, but statistically it’s more likely that he or she will be straight.
Proportionaly, it's more likely that the sex offender will be homossexual. Statistically it will be heterossexual bkz heterossexuals are more in the society. Duh.
All that hate must really fuck your life up Mats. I’d do something about it if I were you.
You are the one who has hate. Hate for the truth and for facts. Your knee-jerk reaction at the simple sugestion that there is something with the homossexual lifestyle that condones pedophily shows that you are filled with hatred.

People who have hatred in their hearts see hatred everywhere. The mear discussion of facts that contradict their philosophy is qualified as "hatred" and dismissed right away.

By the way: do you know any non-homossexual group that tries to normalize sex with children? All the groups I have seen trying to normalize pedophilia (both in Holland, or England or in the USA) are groups which identify themselves as "homossexual groups".

Why do you think that happens?

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