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21 April 2011

The wisdom of female dominance

Lately I have been reading with great interest the words of a few bloggers (see here and here) determined to reveal to the masses the singular way the female mind operates. Now, some people may say "Why do I need dating tips? I am married and I don't plan in going hunting soon". Well, as weird as it may be, married guys may need game tactics more then single ones.

Let me ilustrate with a real life story:

A friend of mine got divorced in the last 2/3 years, and now he is stuck in giving to her money every month. Due to the recession, sometimes the money doesn't come right when he needs, and so he may not have the money right when his ex-wife demands.

He, being totally dominated by his ex-wife, told her how things were not going well and so she would have to relax and be more patient. She did that alright.

She started to call his boss and put preassure on him to pay her former husband. The boss put up with it for a while, but eventually his patience ran out.

Now he is fired.

People may say that this has nothing to do with game, but this was made clear with the comments of another friend. He essencially said this:

Nothing wrong in sharing things with your wife. But if she starts to jump over you and starts to use that knowledge in ways you don't want, you have to be able to control her.
The moment this last pal said that, I realized that the fact that my first friend was unable to control his wife could have led him to loose a wife and loose a job. Yes, because if she could control him AFTER they broke up, who are we to say she didn't while they were married? She had the upper hand on him.

So, my conclusion is: the importance of male dominance and the ability to control his wife goes beyond the mear getting inside her secret place; it may be the issue that ruins your married life, your job and God knows what else.

What say ye?

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