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01 June 2009

Moral advices from has-been jazz guitarist

It's a crazy world when someone who bans people for disagreeing with him thinks that he has the authority to give moral advices to pro-lifers. Does Darwinist Rage Boy actually live in his own bubble or does he expect people to have a short memory?

Abortionist "Dr" George "Mengele" Tiller has been killed by what seems to be a pro-lifer. Pro-life organizations universily condemned the attack with no "buts" or "ifs", as muslims do when one of their own brother comits (yet another) terror attack. However, as it is saddly normal, there are people from the pro-life movement (which, by the way, seems to be a movement whose views is shared by the majority of americans) who will act silly and inhumane.

In the best interess of Tiller's family, the pro-lifers should not gloat over the death of the abortionist. It's a good thing that he won't be killing anymore babies, but I wish he had stopped on hiw own accord and not from his death. The abortionist is facing eternal judgement right now, so justice is done. We should, however, be very careful with words because liberals like has-been jazz guitarist will cling to those words and malign all the pro-life enterprise. Look at what he says:

Shame on all you people who are gloating and partying over a murder that took place inside a church. And you call yourselves “Christians?” What the hell is wrong with you?
First of all, mr has-been jazz guitarrist, who are you to point the finger? Aren't you the one who bans people for the "sin" of not sharing your liberal views? Secondly, where were you when "Dr" Tiller was murdering innocent babies? Who died and made you a moral authority to judge Christian behaviour?

Let me make this clear: I hope that the man who killed "Dr" Tiller is tried and convicted for killing a human being, however I don't think that pro-abortion liberals have the moral authority to point the finger at anyone.

One more thing: since, suposedly, we are the result of an (unproven) evolutionary process, and not from the creative act of God, what makes your moral decisions better than the moral decisions of the guy who killed the hell-bound abortionist? If there is no God, everyone's moral decisions are equally valid since there is no absolute way to determine right from wrong, apart from our own personal, subjective opinions.

Come off your high horse, has-been jazz guitarist. You don't have the authority to point the finger at anyone.

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