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02 January 2010

Charles Johnson Now Supporting Child Porn in Classrooms & Fisting Kits at School Functions

Saturday, January 2, 2010, 10:41 AM
Jim Hoft

Sick. Charles Johnson at Little Green Footballs reached a new low yesterday.
Johnson attacked this blog for reporting again on Barack Obama’s safe schools czar. According to Charles, if you point out anything about Barack Obama’s “Safe” Schools Czar Kevin Jennings’ sordid record of promoting explicit, outrageously age-inappropriate sexual filth in the classroom you are a “homophobe.” He must have started reading the Soros-linked Media Matters since he flipped.

For the record, Obama’s “safe” schools czar has been pushing porn books into our children’s classrooms for nearly twenty years. His GLSEN organization’s recommended books include stories of first graders having orgies in the bathroom and teenagers being raped. The children’s books he promoted have pictures of men having sex while boy scouts watch. GLSEN’s recommended reading for teens also includes pamphlets promoting leather bars and public sex in parks. His organization that he founded in the ’90’s and led until 2008 still pushes these books and several other child porn books on 7th through 12th grade students. The safe schools czar organization GLSEN held conferences where they lectured on fisting to children and handed out fisting packs to children.

According to Charles Johnson if you disagree with this radical sexual agenda for young teens you are a homophobe. He must have missed my links to Gay Patriot who also denounced Jennings’ radical agenda. Are they homophobes too?
Shame on you Charles Johnson.

Yesterday, I reported here that a Bulgarian website had enough courage to report on the Jenning’s scandal, one of the most underreported stories of 2009. This infuriated Charles Johnson who labeled the Bulgarian website a conspiracy website for its previous reporting. Like many leftists Charles believes that by labeling websites (even when the facts don’t back him up) you neuter their arguments. Of course, this is not true. Leftists like Charles believe if you can’t win an argument then smear the source instead.

More importantly, Charles Johnson refused to denounce Kevin Jennings’ radical agenda. Apparently, Johnson approves of lecturing students on fisting, asking them about “spitting or swallowing“, handing out leather bar guides to teens, and pushing filthy books about first graders having orgies at school, etc.
Shame on you, Charles Johnson.

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