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05 January 2010

Jim Hoft calls Charles Johnson's bluf.

This will be interesting. Let's see if Chuckles stands with decency and common sence or with leftism.
Monday, January 4, 2010, 4:33 PM
Jim Hoft

Charles Johnson, it’s time to stand up and be counted.
Join us in condemning Kevin Jennings’ radical agenda. Join us and make a stand against porn books for 7th graders and fisting kits at school functions.

On Friday I reported here on this blog that a Bulgarian website was reporting the Kevin Jennings scandal despite the fact that the state-run media here in America had ignored the “Safe” School’s Czar sordid past.

It became obvious in 2009 that the state-run media would not report any news that would make their Messiah look bad even when children’s lives were at risk. Obama’s “safe” schools czar has been pushing porn books into our children’s classrooms for nearly twenty years. His books include stories of first graders having orgies in the bathroom and teenagers being raped. The children’s books he promoted have pictures of men having sex while boy scouts watch. His organization that he founded in the ’90’s and led until 2008 still pushes these books and several other child porn books on 7th through 12th grade students. The safe schools czar organization GLSEN held conferences where they lectured on fisting to children and handed out fisting packs to children. Of course, the leftwing Soros-linked Media Matters website defended all of this.

The US media would rather see children put at risk and handed fisting packs than report on this story because it may embarrass their failed superhero. They would rather protect the radical president than protect America’s children. It shows you how corrupt the mainstream media has become in this country.

But the Bulgarian media is covering it.
Bulgarian writer Ivan Stamenov is reporting on the Jennings’ scandal today.

Leftist blogger Charles Johnson from Little Green Footballs was outraged with this post defending America’s children and fired back with one of his hate-filled rants against this blog:

“Jim Hoft Praises Insane Conspiracy Site for Picking Up His Homophobic Smears”

Gateway Pundit (Jim Hoft) is giddy with praise for the “Bulgarian media,” because they picked up on his disgusting homophobic smears of Obama’s education minister Kevin Jennings: The State-Run Media Won’t Touch It… But Bulgarians Not Afraid to Report on Jennings Fistgate Scandal.

It was obvious from CJ’s post that like the state-run media here in the US he was more concerned about protecting Kevin Jennings than in protecting America’s children.

On Saturday I responded to LGF’s attack:

This outraged Charles to the point where he wrote and threatened this website:

Here is a copy of the letter:

Here is the letter:

From: Charles Johnson
Date: January 2, 2010 12:34:14 PM EST
To: ft@firstthings.com
Subject: Libelous accusation at your website

To whom it may concern:

Your blogger Jim Hoft is making libelous accusations about me, with absolutely no evidence, at the following page:


Accusing me of “supporting child porn” is absolutely beyond the pale, and is a textbook case of libel.

I take this very seriously, and this is a request for you to correct this situation, before I have to contact my lawyer about it.

Charles Johnson

Actually, after receiving a copy of this letter today, I’ve thought it over and I agree with Charles.
It is time to correct the situation. In order for us both to be clear on this disagreement I am asking Charles Johnson to answer a few questions so that we can both put this behind us.

– Do you support the GLSEN’s obscene reading list for children?
– Do you support Kevin Jennings’ GLSEN literature that romantizes child rape?
– Do you support lecturing 7th graders on whether to “spit or swallow“?
– Do you support lecturing 7th graders on fisting?
– Do you support handing out fisting and dental damn kits to children?
– Do you support children’s books that include images of men having sex while boy scouts watch?
– Do you support pushing children’s books that detail sex between first graders?
– Do you support children’s books that promote S&M for kids?
– Do you believe it is homophobic to oppose these things?
– Do you believe that the bloggers at Gay Patriot are homophobic who also oppose this radical agenda for children?

Please get back with me soon so we can clear this matter up.
We both want to correct this situation.

Thank you.
Jim Hoft

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