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01 May 2009

Dhimwit of the Month: Charles Johnson

Little Green Drama Queen

The excellent Religion of Peace site gives a monthly "Dhimwit of the Month" award, and the winner for April is none other than libelblogger Charles Johnson: "April 2009 Dhimwit: Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs" (thanks to Kasper).

“Robert Spencer posted a veiled threat today to attack me physically.” Charles Johnson, LGF April 26, 2009 [...]Still, no one could have anticipated Johnson getting so worked up over a petty grievance that he would betray courageous allies who already have a hard enough time battling Islamic violence and tyranny in an age of politically correctness.

Johnson's strange tale of paranoia and rage is probably best told by others. What we will say is that his once-promising blog is, today, little more than a narcissistic venue for pursuing personal vendettas and promoting rigid viewpoints on a narrow range of issues. At one time, LGF was an advocate of free speech and a reliable opponent of Islamic totalitarianism. Now Johnson literally bans opposing viewpoints and spends much of his time smearing anti-Jihadis and “creationists” with the same shady tactics once used against him. [...]

Filtering out contrary opinion also seems to have deepened Johnson’s sense of moral certitude to the point that he is attacking former friends, such as Robert Spencer (Jihad Watch), Pam Geller (Atlas Shrugs) and many others, with unnecessary hair-splitting and flimsy “guilt-by-association” slurs that are unconstructive and highly divisive. (Hence his Dhimwit nomination).

In fact, Charles Johnson is now CAIR’s point man for attacking its own critics - apparently dethroning the goofy “Reverend” Jim Sutter, a freeloading two-time felon who pretends to be a decorated combat veteran with three PhDs and fluency in eleven languages. Despite having been exposed as an utter fraud, Sutter's specious attack on Robert Spencer is still being promoted by the desperate CAIR. (Ironically, the phony rev's only other claim to fame is internet censorship – with one of his targets in 2007 being LGF itself).

Johnson’s slander of Robert Spencer (and others) is only a bit more sophisticated than CAIR’s, although no less shallow. In order to establish that the founder of Jihad Watch is a bigot (or Nazi) who hates Muslims and Jews, it is first necessary to ignore what Spencer actually says about Muslims, Jews, Nazis and bigotry. Once this restriction is in place, an intricate “Six Degrees” linkage is concocted between the hapless Spencer and real-life neo-Nazis through some sort of Rube Goldberg-like sequence of personal associations. Somehow this is supposed to fool people into believing that Robert Spencer, a staunch public defender of Israel and chronicler of hate crimes against Jews, for example, is actually a closet anti-Semite.

Of course, Spencer’s support for Israel is one reason why he periodically brings down CAIR's wrath – and the irony doesn’t end there. The connection between Spencer and true Nazis is downright imaginary compared to the fact that CAIR and the Islamist terror group Hamas actually share the same parent organization. More importantly, although Spencer openly condemns neo-Nazis, CAIR adamantly refuses to condemn Hamas as a terrorist group even though its members routinely murder Jews!

So our message to Charles Johnson is… Good god, man – what are you doing? Being used by the likes of CAIR? Sinking to the clownish level of a Garofalo or Olbermann? Implying that Jewish Pam Geller is a neo-Nazi and affable Robert Spencer is about to pull out a nine and throw down on you?

Come on now, Charles. You don't belong on this list. The bitterness is making you look small. Time to ditch this childish paranoia and move back into the real world... where the love is. Come on back to your homies.

All will be forgiven... and we promise not to let anyone call you a fascist!


Read it all.

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