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17 April 2009

"Creationism is the GOP’s giant problem"

Darwinist Rage Boy is horrified that americans have the God given freedom to criticize the Holy Theory of Evolution. He says is his blog:

"Creationism is the GOP’s giant problem"

Actually, the conservatives' giant problem are bogus conservatives who wander among us while wanting us to stop being conservatives. This happens not only in the USA but everywhere. People like Darwinsit rage boy is a perfect example of that. Charles doesn't seem ot realize that the diference between "criticizing evolution" and "teaching creationism" is huge. For him, any criticism you direct at the theory of evolution, even when done by qualified scientists like the ones in the Discovery Institute or the Creation Ministries International, is "disonesty".

The theory of evolution cannot be criticized, saith Darwinist Rage Boy, but only believed. In Charles' religion, if one dares to criticize the theory of evolution, one might aswell criticize that the earth is round shapped.

Give it up, Darwinist Rage Boy. Your bullying tactis won't scare people who want to scientifically criticize your religion. If evolution is as half as solid as your coreilgionists say it is, then it will survive the scientific criticism. However, if it is not, then it's time for you to find a new religion.

Free speech means free speech. Academic freedom means academic freedom. If you don't like that, you can always get some hints from your new friends, CAIR.

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"Academic freedom?! Why do we need that?!"




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