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12 April 2009

Charles Johnson Attacks Rick Warren & Mocks Christian Beliefs

Darwinst rage boy is digging the grave in which he will lay. Turns out that Rick Warren is also in Nancy's "Most Wanted" list. His crime? Saying that he doesn't believe that the world created itself.(Is that the sound of wood picking, and pire preparing that I hear, Darwinist rage boy?)

You can't possibly think that you can ridicule the faith subscribed by the majority of GOPers, and think that people will take you seriously. Where have you been, slick Chuck?!

It's a cardinal tenent of the judeo-christian worldview the belief that we can comunicate with God. Why does that surprise you, Charlie? YES we can!

Anyway, his definition of "evolution" changes all the time. Notice that in the text he quoted, Harris expressily says that "You don’t have to invoke an intelligent designer to explain the complexity we see".

Wait a minute! I thought that "belief in evolution does not preclude belief in God" and vice-versa?!! If you don't have to invoke an Intelligent Cause for the biodiversity, what does that make of the people WHO DO invoke God as the "Author" of the evolutionary process? That makes them look foolish, doesn't it?

But what does it say about the people who write that evolution and God are not mutually exclusive? It reveals that it's a tactical atitude, and not something they honestly believe. Darwinist rage boy is one of them. He knows that it's ridiculous to invoke a god who acts by evolutitonary processes, but he still does it. Why?

Darwinist rage boy is busy attacking GOP beliefs, EVEN during the holliest season of the year for jews and christians. BBC couldn't have done it any better.

Rodan finishes the article by saying:

Charles continues his Jihad on Christianity. Bored with Islam and trying to win acceptance from the left, he has gone all out. Rick Warren expressed his religious convictions. Chuckles is unhappy and now wants to silence Rick.

So very true. In the worldview of the darwinist rage boy, public expression of judeo-christian beliefs is not allowed. A bit like ACLU and stuff.

Charles is really loosing it, and it's not a moment too soon.

(Full article: Charles now attacks Rick warren - LGF2)

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