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23 March 2009

Darwinist rage boy doesn't like academic freedom

Seems to me that darwinist rage boy doesn't like it when people exercize their God given freedom to share their viewpoint. In his worldview, you are only allowed to speak if you agree with him (I know this by personal experience since I was banned from his Reich by criticizing the belief that everything created itself - evolution).

Not happy in teaming up with far left atheistic "science" blogs like Panda's Thumb, darwinist boy has enlisted some wishy washy "republicans" to his evangelistic effort. The last one is Ringo the Gringo.

Suposedly Ringo was schocked - shocked! - that americans would make a museum giving Glory to the Creator, and not giving glory to Darwin. In the creation science musem the same evidence darwinists use to promote the belief that everything made itself is used but this time it is seem from the biblical viewpoint (the accurrate one).

Ringo and darwinist rage boy can't have that, but they cannot be overtly anti-religious or they'll be shunned by true conservatives. So what they do? They claim that the museum is "anti-science".

Yes, it's anti-science if it is in agreement with the Bible, because, as we all know, the Bible hates science. Too bad Isaac Newton (creationist), Faraday (creationist), Maxwell (creationist) and many other scientists were not aware of that.

Another thing worth mentioning is that darwinist rage boy doesn't like the free access to information. This is a major hint that what he believes might be wrong. People who are sure of what they believe don't fear criticism nor the free access to information.

Academic freedom means academic freedom. It does not mean "creationism". What most americans want is the God given freedom to criticize whatever theory they wish, including the theory of evolution. Announcing that the theory of evolution is "science" and that there's no point in criticizing it doesn't do the job. Saying that those who criticize evolution are religious fundamentalists who want to implant a theocracy in the US is nonsense. This is the kind of hype promoted by liberals.

If your theory can't stand scientific criticism, then perhaps it should be taken away from science classes.

Darwinist rage boy may call himself a republican, but he still thinks like a liberal.

Take a look at what bar says about the same subject.

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