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23 February 2009

Bobby Jindal: Charles' Terrifying Ghost

Darwinist Charles can't stand academic freedom, and people who believe in it. He cannot accept also that americans overwhelmingly suport freedom to discuss other origins theories. It seems that for him, that is a step closer to a theocracy.

Bobby Jindal became Charles' worse nightmare when he aproved the academic freedom bill, allowing teachers to discuss the evidence for and against evolution.

It's kinda pathetic for people try to prevent students from hearing both sides of this issue, when evolutionary scientists are already discussing how some facts don't match with the theory. So it's rather weird for Charles to insinuate that the Law atempts to "sneak the teaching of creationism into Louisiana schools", when it actually it does not. But Charles gets his queue from liberals like Panda's Thumb and PZ Meyers, so it's no wonder that he can't even get the facts straight.

Conservatives worlwide should apreciate political conservatives who show how liberal politics is bad for a nation, but we should be very weary of "conservatives" who want to keep social conservatives as far as possible.

John McCain, even after invinting social conservative Sarah Palin to his side, was weak on the social conservative side. American conservatives turned his back on him, obviously. He clearly was not aware that the strenght of the republican party comes from it's strong morals advocated by social conservatives.

If you destroy the social conservatives from the republican party, the GOP won't be much diferent from the liberals. If you think I am wrong about this, just look at europe.

Some LGF readers ask me: Am I “obsessed?” Do I “hate Christians?” Why do I keep “harping” on this issue?

Answer: The top 3 GOP governors in America are all creationists, who have no problems with teaching pseudo-science to American children.

So presenting the kids with peer reviewed evolutionary articles showing the problems with the theory is "pseudo-science". Hmm. Ok, I guess.
That’s why. This is wrong, and it’s one reason why the Democrats now control both houses of Congress.

Yeah, right. The democrats control both houses because republicans endorse creationism.

But wait! Bush endorses evolution, doesn't he? How come he was not that popular among other liberals?

Secondly, John McCain also seems to endorse evolution. How come he was not elected?

If this anti-scientific insanity continues, the Democrats will be in power for the next 20 years.

Thus saith Charles, son of John, the prophet of California.

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