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04 September 2008

Palin Has Not "Pushed" Creationism as Governor.

In this last swing against the belief held by the majority of conservatives, Charles Johnson says a few things that should make conservatives move away from his evolutionary position.

He says:

Apparently, she has a rather confused attitude toward evolution (an attitude she shares with about 50% of the US population), but when asked explicitly whether she would support teaching the pseudo-science of “intelligent design,” her answer was “No.”

So in Charles worldview, believing that there is empirical evidence for creation is "confusion", and that "confusion" is shared by 50% of american simpletons.

What an elistist, prejudiced, condescending statement. Charles like to attack Obama (rightfully) about his elistist views (like the "bitter people who cling to guns and religions"), but it seems that, when it comes to evolution, Charles is just as elistist and unrepresentive of the american worldview as Obama is of the political, social and even religious worldview.

If I had been an american conservative, I would be very offended by Charles statement that 50% of americans are "confused" only because they believe that there is empirical evidence that the living world was designed.

How elistist. How condescending. How patronizing.

To use some of liberal style, shame on you, Charles.

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