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21 January 2014

Traditional families hit by declining morals, say mothers

The traditional family unit is in meltdown due to plunging moral values and the rise of single parents, according to a survey of mothers.
Most blame the Government for fuelling the breakup, with almost two thirds claiming that Labour “doesn’t like traditional family set-ups and seems to favour single parents and working mums”.
It’s a bit typically women-firster to just interview mothers for this survey, but nonetheless it is revealing that so many see through the government’s spin and see that they’re not pro-family, but pro-single parent.
And while single mothers enjoy tax breaks, more than half of two-parent families are struggling to make ends meet and a third are in debt, according to the 21st Century Family Life Survey.
I’ve seen other statistics showing that a couple who work full-time and have two children are, on average, only £1 a week better off than an unemployed single-mother with two children.

House prices in the UK are outrageous; I’m on an average wage but I’m trying to figure out if I can afford to get a mortgage on even a simple one-bedroom flat. Yet at work a 19-year-old girl got pregnant (to a married guy) with the sole intention of getting a house on welfare and, within a month, was moving in to a two-bedroomed house, all rent paid by the taxpayer. House prices rise because they are priced for dual-incomes since women entered the workforce, plus the subsisided government housing that used to help low-income couples get a step on the property ladder is now pretty much solely for single-mothers.

Many mothers apparantly would like to cut their working hours; sadly, not possible. As I mentioned, women’s full-scale entry into the workplace in the last four-decades has diluted wages and the economy has adapted so that houses and many other necessary products require dual-incomes. I don’t have sympathy for these older women who don’t like working because usually they’re the ones who spent their younger years triumphantly storming in to the workplace and barging men out of the way, in doing so creating the exact conditions that prevent them from leaving the workplace in later years.

Most importantly, this survey shows how politicians, feminists and the feminine media are living in a fantasy world when they portray single-mothers as either wonderful strong and independent or pure innocent likkle victims. They hope – and probably believe – everyone else conforms to this politically correct view. In reality, most people know single mothers are, generally speaking, obnoxious selfish parasites and their children often delinquents and a drain on society.

For example, a woman at work was saying the other day that her brother, who is one of the few male primary school teachers left in the UK, was delighted after he had managed to get a transfer to a small rural school. Previously he had been at a school in the inner city, near an estate full of council houses and flats that are clearly populated almost entirely by single mothers. The woman explained that “my brother hated it there, the kids were horrible. 

The kids were grubby and rude, often out of control. He once caught two girls of ten smoking and they swore at him when he demanded they put the cigs out! They were all kids raised by single-mothers, I don’t think any had a dad.” She explained how, according to her brother, the new school he was at was in a village where “all the kids come from proper [i.e. two-parent] families” and they were all nice and well-behaved.

Interesting how she automatically saw the correlation between single-mother households and rude, ill-disciplined delinquent children. Most of society does, but no-one can dare say anything in public for fear of being shouted down and, if they are politicians, their resignation demanded. A judge last year publicly stated that, in his experience, most young criminals he saw in court were raised by single-mothers. That’s all he said, just an observation made through years of experience as a judge, yet he had to withdraw his comments and apologise after some female MPs and some charity for single-mothers rose up in fury at this “disgusting attack on single mums.”

This highlights another major warping of reality in the minds of feminists and politicians; they seem to believe poor single mums are constantly vilified and attacked, but in fact they’re the most protected demographic, beyond public criticism, even more so than women in general! And that’s saying something.

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