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19 February 2012

The Baby Who Had Died in the Womb Came to Life and Was Born

Sana Khan (Pakistan)

When a Pakistani woman came to her doctor again, the doctor said, "It's miraculous. I had run ultrasound tests on her many times. The fetus had been dead with no pulse. I don't know how on earth he could come to life."

In November 6, 2011, the mother didn't feel any movement of her baby in her womb. She had ultrasound tests. The result showed that the fetus died and she had to have immediate surgery. But she attended Lahore Divine Healing Crusade held in Pakistan on November 9 without receiving the surgery.

Speaker Pastor Taesik Gil, who came from Daejeon Manmin Church, South Korea, prayed for the sick on the stage with the handkerchief on which Dr. Jaerock Lee had prayed (Acts 19:11-12). She received the prayer with earnest heart with her hands on her abdomen. She felt hot and cool at the same time. Then, she came to feel her baby's movement again!

On the next day, November 10, the ultrasound retest results indicated normality in her baby's heartbeat and on November 11, she delivered her healthy baby. Hallelujah!

She now has been increasing her faith by listening to Dr. Lee's sermons through Isaac TV (President: Pastor Anwal Pazal).

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