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18 September 2011

Single motherhood and crime rates

Coming soon to your city…

Top 10 most dangerous cities (highest rates of violent crime) in the United States and their corresponding demographic black populations:

# 01) St. Louis MO – 53.81% black
# 02) Detroit MI – 81.68% black
# 03) Flint, MI – 53.27% black
# 04) Compton, CA – 40.30% black
# 05) Camden, NJ – 52.21% black
# 06) Birmingham, AL – 73.46% black
# 07) Cleveland, OH – 52.51% black
# 08) Oakland, CA – 33.12 black
# 09) Youngstown, OH – 47.22% black
# 10) Gary, IN – 84.03% black


Top 10 most safest cities (lowest rates of violent crime) in the United States and their corresponding demographic black populations:

# 01) Brick Township, NJ – 0.1% black
# 02) Amherst, NY – 3.9% black
# 03) Mission Viejo, CA – 1.6% black
# 04) Newton, MA – 1.9% black
# 05) Troy, MI – 2.09% black
# 07) Irvine, CA – 1.8% black
# 08) Cary, NC – 8.0% black
# 09) Greece, NY – 2.88% black
# 10) Coral Springs, FL – 17.9% black

inTop 10 most dangerous cities and their black populations” (April 6, 2011)

Before any liberal can call this "raaacist!", bear in mind that the crime rates among white people who grow up with a broken family are exacly the same as the crime rates of blacks who grow without a father (which are the majority).

The reason for this high level of crime is not the race but the culture. It's time for black people to realize that they have been LIED by the democratic party, and they are being used as a permanent voting block.

Liberals don't care that the life of a black man is healthier in jail than out there in the streets. Who cares? As long as they keep voting for the Democrats, they don't care what happens with black people.

But if one day black people open their eyes and see that liberalism is destroying their families and their cities, liberals will be all over them, trying to keep them in the plantation.

2 comentários:

Exactly what I've been saying for years: blacks per se have not been fully responsible for the high crime rates. It's their culture that's responsible (ditto whites in similar cultures), but in both cases LIBERALS have been the root cause of the evil.

Yeah, Frank, but go tell that do blacks and they'll cry "raaaacism!" even though it's a simple empirical fact: children who grow without a father (or a male father figure) are more likely to fall into the dark side of life and indulge in crime.

Liberals don't want this kind of info out because it shows what happens when people give their soul to them. If hispanics don't open their eyes, they will be next to be destroyed by the party of "compassion".

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